Multicultural America 9-10 page paper

The final paper is an overall Reflection on the idea of Multiculturalism and it’s future. write a 9-10 page paper the themes of multiculturalism, black lives matter, the civil rights movement, the history of racism, and immigration.

A. Is our inability as a society to overcome racism a structural problem? In other words its not a matter of individual prejudice (which is also a problem but by itself it could be overcome)  but the way institutions and frameworks of society are setup.. If the economy cannot produce jobs its a structural problem…. if those who start out with less  power have a higher chance of not succeeding in our current economic system that then is a structural problem. If our school districts ensure reproduction of privilege how do we not end up with continued reproduction of hierarchies of power and privilege? Is there a need to rethink our economic system completely to overcome problems of race and gender?

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Multicultural America 9-10 page paper
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B. It is possible to argue, especially given the last few years, that Multiculturalisms limits have been fully exposed. Some might go as far as to say that multiculturalism is merely a cover and not a real solution? Does it have a future? Is there a deeper or more militant Multiculturalism possible?

C. What may or may not replace it?

D. Does foreign policy produce internal prejudice? Can we ever be critically Multicultural unless we develop a critique of American imperialism?


The above questions are broad and meant as guiderails so as to allow for an open Reflection. In other words you do not have to (and should not) answer each if the above questions. I am looking for a reflective essay that may use one or two if the above questions as points of departure.

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