Multicutral EDucation Lesson Chapter 7 : Essay Fountain

Consider the following:

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Multicutral EDucation Lesson Chapter 7 : Essay Fountain
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The nature of the learner. What do you know about the students’ entry level knowledge and skills; attitudes, values, and beliefs; learning styles; need for structure; family/peer support groups; sense of ethnic identity, motivation, self-image, second-language learner and so on.

The teacher’s scholarly knowledge. What are the key concepts, skills, and understandings to be taught? (page 273) What are the key questions and issues?I hope this format will help you more in doing your lesson plan.

By Wednesday have the learning objectives aligned to your instructional strategies.

By Sunday, April 2 upload the revised lesson plan that should include also:

a) One accommodation specific for the ESL students from the list provided (Designing Lessons for Diverse Learners article).

b) Are your materials/resources for the lesson plan free of bias? If Yes specify why in your lesson plan.

Next, and the last part of your lesson plan will be to add assessments that are aligned to the learning objectives and multiculturally responsive (Chapter 10). Also specify why your materials and resources are bias free (Chapter 7)What fact and generalizations are most important? What are the important connections between the subject matter and goals of global and multicultural education? What primary and secondary source materials are most valuable?

Lesson opener. How will you capture the student’s attention? How will you make connections with your student’s past learnings (e.g., concept maps, brainstorming, predictive activities, etc.)?

Attach all the handouts you are going to use in your lesson plan.

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