Multiple Assisgnments

This is 3 assignments due by March 1, 2018. The First on is a Power Point with directions,
The next 2 assignments are Journals which has to be 800 words Arial font is 10

The Challenge of Aging
This is a (2) part Project with one file submission
Part 1:
This assignment opportunity will help you think about and plan for your decision regarding life support. This is certainly a personal decision, but it is a very important decision that could help your family and doctors regarding your wishes should you experience a life threatening illness, accident or health issue in which you cannot communicate. We always think that someone else will be injured, but that someone else could be YOU!
Since we never know when a tragedy or illness can strike, your assignment is to watch the video below (link.) Once you have thought about the video, complete the form that I have attached (or find one on the Internet that you like better.) Some of you may already have a Living Will and advanced directive. Remember, you WILL be kept alive unless you make your wishes known. DO IT NOW. College is about making life changing decisions. Make this one for yourself and your family. If you have never discussed your final wishes with your family, take the time to do it now. We can all express our wishes.
This is a HONOR assignment so be honest. If you want to complete the forms for your family and have had 2 witnesses sign it, make a copy and give it to the person you want responsible. Keep the original in a safe place, remember it can always be changed at any time. There is no grade for this part of the assignment. It is only intended to help you.
Assignment: Watch the video. The LAST slide of your power point presentation should contain a paragraph or so on what you thought about the video and why. Will it help you make a decision on prolonging life?
Video: (Links to an external site.)Links to an external site.
Part 2 / PowerPoint Presentation: 
Please refer to Chapter 17 in your textbook for additional information. A minimum of 8-15 slides of PowerPoint presentation on The Challenge of Aging. You will be graded on the content AND visual integrity of the presentation. Use fun filled graphics to support your plan.
Topics to address:
· Create a personal action plan for aging.
· What resources will you utilize for long-term care?
· What personal health issues will you have to address as you age and how will you address these issues?
· How will you prepare yourself financially into the future; dealing with retirement, continuing to work, health care, living arrangements?

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Multiple Assisgnments
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Challenge of Aging
Criteria   Pts
Presentation contains 8 – 15 slides with graphics 10.0 pts
Slides present a personal plan for aging.  10.0 pts
Slides indicate a long term care plan  10.0 pts
Slides describe personal health issues to address  10.0 pts
Slides describe a financial plan     10.0 pts
Paragraph attached regarding video   10.0pts

Journal # 1
A lesson is repeated until learned. It is presented to you in various forms until you learn it–then you can go on to the next lesson.
What is right and wrong in terms of sexual expression is a highly individual matter that depends on each person’s unique personal exposure to the values of family, friends, religious and cultural standards, which differ from person to person, place to place, and time to time.
Acquired immunodeficiency syndrome is projected to become the third leading cause of death worldwide by 2030. Using the information in your text or (you may use the internet) discuss the risk factors and implications associated with individuals of your age/race/gender and culture. Are you at risk? What will you do to decrease your risk of becoming one of the millions of individuals that will become infected with HIV? Discuss what you have learned about HIV/AIDS.

Journal # 2
Write a reflection entry on what you have learned after taking this course. What steps will you take to improve your life?

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