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My Dedication To Studying English: Essay Fountain
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My Dedication To Studying English

  • Category: Science, Education
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  • Topic: English Language, Study
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  • Published: 14 July 2020
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What appeals to me most about English is not only the chance to increase my literary knowledge but also how writers can express their opinions and emotions in words that can influence and inspire, just like the work of a good teacher can inspire and change the lives of their students for the better. Studying English will enable me to realise my dream of becoming a secondary school teacher, who is able to make a difference in the education and lives of the individuals I teach. My favourite childhood books were A Series of Unfortunate Events by Lemony Snicket, I was always so captivated by the use of words and rhyme. Recently I decided to reread the novels and the notions of morality and death throughout have shocked me.

The use of English language can be engaging so that the same person can read the same novels at different times in their life and it will give you different thoughts and emotions each timeAfter studying Never Let Me Go by Kazuo Ishiguro, in A level English Literature discovered the endless possibilities of language and literature, the dystopian novel questions many contemporary social and moral issues. Reading such a gripping novel has made me question the world, I live in and want to explore how language is to explore different societies. English Literature has given me the ability to use research and evidence to make constructive comparisons and contrasts between prose, poetry and drama. Whilst also having the ability to question others’ assumptions, which will help me when teaching English, as I will be able to challenge ideas in the classroom. The English language is of such a complex nature and having the ability to be able to understand and teach it would be a huge privilege. Studying A level Chemistry has given me the ability to write logical explanations on difficult concepts such as Chatelier’s Principle without repetition or contradiction. This will give me an advantage during my degree, as I will be able to use my knowledge about scientific concepts in my lesson planning and study. Studying biology has helped me to be resourceful and disciplined. This means I am able to organise myself and able to complete tasks and assignments on time. This will benefit me during my degree, as I will be able to do all the required reading and assignments on time. I also regularly write for the student online newspaper in college. The majority of my articles are focused on the issues affecting the education system in today’s society.

This experience has helped me to write more cohesively and with more purpose. It has also given me the chance to expand my knowledge of the national curriculum and the issues affecting the system. I want to explore what makes a good teacher; the kind that knows how to engage a class. I aspire to be the kind of teacher who has the ability to make the topic you have been trying to understand for what feels like an eternity understandable. To gain insight and experience in the teaching profession, I have completed work experience in two different schools working with different age groups. This experience has been hugely rewarding as I have had the opportunity to observe and learn from experienced teachers. Whilst also gaining knowledge of how the education system works alongside the English language, this will hugely benefit me during the course, as it will help me to grasp some of the key concepts faster needing in teaching. During the last year of high school I was a student leader, this role enabled me to develop my leadership and negotiation skills, as well as my organisation skills. Having these skills benefits me, as I will be an active member in university life.

Additionally, I completed a first aid course with ST Johns ambulance service, which has increased my confidence in treating minor injuries, burns and implementing CPR during emergencies. I feel that this will help me to be a valuable member of university and be useful in my future teaching career. * I want to study English and Education at university because, studying these joint honours will enable me to study and enjoy education in depth. If successful in my application, I would be an active and dedicated student.

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