My Zombie Apocalypse

My Zombie Apocalypse- Written from the view of me in a zombie attack Back of book- When you wake up in the morning you expect it to be sunny and happy and normal like always. But it wasn’t like that for me not today, not this morning. It was dark darker than i had ever seen it. It was like the sun had gone out. Usually if you get up early enough you can see normal people running, trying to get in shape. But what was running past my house was not normal, not even close to normal.
You watch movies about zombies thinking how funny and stupid they are and thinking that it would be so cool to have a zombie apocalypse happen that there would be no school, nothing to do. But let me tell you from experience, it is not as cool as it sounds. Summary: Chapter 1- I woke up with a start my heart racing. The dream slowly left my mind, too quick for me to see what it was about. After laying there for about a minute I sat up slowly and stretched my arms over my head until I heard a giant pop. Satisfied I rubbed the crust from my eyes and yawned a giant O.
I threw off the covers and kicked my legs off to the side of the bed. I felt my toes run through the white carpet, smiling at how soft it was. I padded lightly through the hallway opening the door. I glanced at the clock on the wall; the time read 5:30 am. I did a double take 5:30?! It’s a Saturday! I was walking back to my room but stopped to look out the window in my living room. It was still a dark hue of black outside(delete) and a misty fog rolled around outside. It was so thick I couldn’t see the houses across the street.

The light post on the median that was in the middle of the street shined brightly, helping me see better. As I looked closely at the fog a shadowy figure ran out of the fog towards my house. My heart was pounding inside my chest. As I slowly backed away from the window, the figure stopped and turned its head and looked directly into my eyes. Its red eyes bore into my soul and it opened its mouth and screamed. I covered my ears as the painful sound ripped through my eardrums. It sprinted towards my house. Then as it reached the window of my front door, it pressed its face against the lass while its breath fogged up the window. It backed away then took a running leap and crashed through the window. At that exact moment I closed my eyes my life flashing before my eyes, and then the world went black. Chapter 2- I could smell smoke, but where was it coming from? Had mom burnt the toast again? I smiled and was about to get up and laugh at how my mother couldn’t cook anything I froze halfway in my smile. It all came back to me the fog the scream and that thing whatever it was. I jumped up as quick as if someone had shocked me.
I swayed and fell and I was about to hit the ground when a strong pair of hands caught me. A deep grumble like voice whispered in my ear, “Hey I gotcha. ” I recoiled automatically from the strange voice and the hands that gripped me. I stumbled away and turned around to look at this stranger. I felt my eyes pop out and my jaw drop like a fish out of water gasping for air. He smirked at me as if he usually got that kind of reaction at first sight. He was hot! He had dark black/blue hair that swayed to one side and curled up in the end.
It was wavy and went down to the collar of his shirt. Then I looked at his eyes, oh how beautiful his eyes were, a rich green that was bright as grass in the summertime and peaceful as the trees that filtered sunlight through them. Stubble covered his face as if he hadn’t shaved for a week. His teeth were white of course and perfectly strait, “of course”. He was tall and lean and muscled like a runner. He wore a black leather jacket and a David Bowie t-shirt. He also was wearing dark black jeans and black and white converse. The stranger looked to be about 19.
He laughed which shook me out of my trance and he asked me, “So are you done with your evaluation yet? ” I blushed and looked away, mumbling something about how I wasn’t looking at him. He stuck out his hand and said, “Hey I’m Drew”. I stuck out my hand as well and i replied, “Hey,(I think itd be better if it just said “I’m Teddi) I’m Teddi”. He grinned at me and said, “Well that’s a name you don’t hear every day! ” I shook my head at him, “I know right, it’s just that my parents are big history freaks! ” The comment brought the thought of my parents into my head. “Wait what happened?
How did I get here? ” A sad look came into his eyes, “Teddi I’m sorry but your family didn’t make it. ” Tears sprang to my eyes as I thought about them I sobbed and sank to a heap on the ground. Tears ran down my face, “I will (I’ll) never get to see them again, I didn’t even get to say goodbye. ” My hands covered my face as I said this then footsteps came up behind me and he squatted down next to me, “Teddi don’t be sad, they are happy now and they aren’t in any pain. ” I looked at him and said, “You think so? ” He smiled, “I know so”. “Oh wait I have a little surprise for you”. He said.
Drew brought his fingers to his lips and whistled. A small thing came running like the speed of light towards me. “Mia! ” I yelled. The brown little Chihuahua jumped on me and licked my face. I laugh bubbled on my lips. “Mia you little weirdo, how did you survive? ” Drew laughed along with me, “I haven’t a clue, but here’s what happened while you were unconscious. ” I was running in the neighborhood that morning and I was passing your house and I saw the windows broken, I unlocked the door and pulled out my knife (which he added on a side note that he always runs with) and I walked in.
Drew stopped at this moment and grimaced. He continued, “And there was blood everywhere and I saw your family or what pieces were left of them scattered on the ground. I sharply inhaled my breath, tears coming to my eyes again, I said, “I’m okay, just keep on going”. He smiled at me sympathetically, “Okay and then I found you on the ground with your dog right next to you, I saw that you were breathing and I took you to my house. I don’t know why but for some reason you weren’t touched at all.
As I was walking out the door something followed me. I turned around and I couldn’t believe my eyes. ” I hastily exclaimed, “What, was it! ” Drew replied, “A zombie”. I laughed and said “you have got to be kidding me a zombie? ” He frowned and said, “I knew you wouldn’t believe me so I brought proof. ” That brought me up short, “Proof? ” I swallowed uneasily and followed him. He took me too a room and inside I could smell something rotten and dead. I coughed and gagged, as I walked into the room I couldn’t believe what I saw.
It looked human but its flesh was rotten and its head was decapitated. He said, “I told you so”. I said uneasily,” What is going on here? ” He looked at me, “Teddi, I think we’re in a zombie apocalypse”. (ok tht was really good. There are a few changes that ive put in the story I left the original thing there and put the change in parentheses. Also I think the word “said” is used a little to much you mite want to change sone of them to a synonym of said. Otherwise the book was awesome. ) My family Apocalypse written from the view of a zombie

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