he readings cover the content areas of Learning/Memory, Motivations and Maslow’s Hierarchy.  Some outside research is expected to be done to contribute to the discussion and the base of knowledge from the classroom.  Organize the post in the following manner:

Marketers are consistently interested in two main types of Learning: Classical Conditioning and Operant/Instrumental Conditioning.  Give one marketing communication (ad) example for each of these types of learning.  Explain why and how the marketing communication uses each particular type of learning for success.  Be sure to end/foot note this area.  Embed the example of the ad in the post to support.  Just be sure that all viewers of this response can view what you are exemplifying.  NO LINKS PLEASE.
TOPIC 2:  

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How does Nostalgia shape Schema?  Identify a brand and explain how you have realized that you have a good deal of Nostalgia embedded within the pieces of LTM for the brand.  Describe with some detail the schema surrounding the brand.
By looking at the traditional 5 levels of Maslow’s Hierarchy (see content are from the pyramid pictorial), we can see that Motivations are fueled by both primary and secondary needs.  Identify one product category or brand that represents each of the traditional Maslow’s Motivation levels and explain why their is a fit (a separate brand/product category for each level) or explain how they are tapping into the specific level to capitalize on that specific level’s motivation.  Embed an example of a still ad that demonstrates each of the specific brand or product category from above.  Do not repeat peer responses in terms of specific brands. 

Hopefully you had the opportunity to watch TV or were exposed to some promotions (radio, billboard or magazine) when you were younger.  Share with the class, one ad, jingle or promotion that you remember from youth.  Sum up in a couple of sentences why you believe this promotion had such a lasting impact on your memory (utilize memory concepts to support).

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