Notes Safety Management

Definition of Terms: Accident – an unplanned, undesired event that may result in harm to people, damage to property or loss to process. Near miss or near accident – an incident resulting in neither an injury nor property damage. Hazard – is any existing or potential condition in the workplace that by interacting with other variables, can result in death, injuries, property damage, and other losses. Hazard control -involves developing a program to recognize, evaluate, and eliminate (or at least reduce ) the destructive effects of azards arising from human errors and from conditions in the workplace.
Loss control – is accident prevention, achieved through a complete safety and health hazard control program. Loss control involves preventing employee injuries, occupational illnesses, and accidental damage to the company’s property. It also includes preventing injuries, illnesses, and property damage that may involve visitors and the public. Responsibility – is having to answer to higher management for activities and results. Authority- the right to correct, command, and determine the courses of action. Delegation – the sharing authority and responsibility with others.
Even though we delegate responsibility, we cannot be completely relieved of it. Accountability – an active measurement taken by management to ensure compliance with standards. Safety Management: Safety Management will help us understand our safety responsibilities, take positive actions to prevent accidents, and give you a way of measuring how well we perform our safety duties. As a necessary part of the management process, hazard control is made up of safety audits and evaluation, sound operating and design procedure, perator training, inspection and testing programs, and effective communication regarding hazards and their control.

A hazard control program coordinates shared responsibility among departments and underscores the interrelationships among workers, their equipment , and the work environment. Many of us mistakenly believe that accidents are only those incidents that result in serious injuries. If a minor injury or property damage results in an accident, some supervisors shrug off the incident and return to their routine work. They let the results of an accident determine their evel of interest in investigating its causes and preventing a recurrence.
But we know that the results of an accident ( the degree of loss resulting from it ) are a matter of chance. It would be better to try to control the hazards that lead to accident than try to minimize, the damage done once and accident occurs. Loss control through accident prevention must be accomplished at all times. During safety inspection, be alert for anything that may cause an accident, such as tripping hazards, fire hazards, poorly stacked materials, poor housekeeping, safeguards are missing from machines, nd/or unsafe worker practices.
Safety responsibilities cannot be separated from the other parts of your work. The best way to describe your Job is to say that you are responsible for safe production. Safety Responsibility as Performance Measure: Areas ot Responsibility: There are tour areas that supervisors must control: 1 Production 2. Quality 3. cost 4. Loss control Production, quality, cost, and loss control are of equal importance in measuring Job performance and cannot really be separated. When you accept a supervisory Job, you lso assume responsibility for the safety of your people.
Every supervisor in any company is responsible for the safety of his or her workers. The top manager cannot handle all the details of every Job, so he or she delegates accident prevention responsibilities, along with commensurate authority, to various middle managers. In turn, the middle manager, will delegate responsibility for safety and accident prevention to the supervisor. Thus, you are accountable to your manager for accident prevention, Just as he or she is accountable to the top manager.

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Notes Safety Management
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