Week 5 Vitamins and Minerals
Select **one** of the articles or video , which are below to comment on.
Name your Post Subject/Title as the of the article or video you choose.
For your initial post, list and briefly discuss three points, which were discussed in the article or video. This is due Thursday at 11:59PM ET
For your replies to other classmates, list and discuss, points which your classmate did not include. That is to say, add to their comments. You need to do two replies. These replies must be to videos or articles, other than the one, which you commented upon. These are due Sunday at 11:59PM ET
Article – DASH Diet Acts Through Diuretic Effect to Lower Blood Pressure
The following article was from Web Site Doctors Guide News and was originally from the Journal Hypertension from the American Heart Association. It can also be found at the following web site:
Good Question for Thought 
Go to the Article “The savvy parent’s guide to sun safety “at
Read it. Pay close attention to Myth No. 4: Too much sunscreen causes vitamin D deficiency.” Under the Reality for Myth 4 they, made the statement “But according to the ACS, the American Academy of Dermatology, and the Skin Cancer Foundation, both kids and adults get plenty of this nutrient through multivitamins, vitamin D–rich foods (like milk and fortified orange juice), and everyday sun exposure.”
Article “Vitamin D Deficiency Is Widespread and On the Increase
Go to the following link and feel free to read the article “Vitamin D Deficiency is Widespread and on the Increase”
Also feel free to go to the following link and read the article “Global vitamin D status and determinants of hypovitaminosis D “
Article “Osteoporosis Canada Issues New Vitamin D Guidelines”
CDC Salt YouTube Video
 I recommend checking out the following video.

Article ;An Eye to Health: Diet and Age-Related Macular Degeneration
Focus on the first page of the article. Vitamins and minerals are discussed there.
This is in Medscape. You will have to join Medscape but it is free to join. This might also be a good place to find articles for the Extra Credit

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