Orgins of the werewolf

Proposal Have you ever wondered where the word Werewolf comes from? The word is a contraction of the Anglo-Saxon word were (which means “man”) and wolf werewolf, manhole. My documentary revolves around the origin of the werewolf legends. The documentary takes the point of view that there may be more fact to the so-called legends than is commonly accepted. Good Morning ladles and gentlemen and welcome to my presentation. I am here today to give reasons as to why you should support my documentary.
I Implore you to choose my documentary because there aren’t many documentaries on this particular subject and ones that are, portray a stereotypical viewpoint. I believe that the topic of werewolves Is very Interesting. Because the general consensus on the topic of werewolves Is one of disbelief and Ignorance. The werewolf is mentioned throughout many different cultures such as: Egypt, Greece, China, the Romans, the Persians and Native American folklore. Throughout history they have been portrayed as evil, bloodthirsty killers. There are many efferent movies and books on werewolves including: “The Wolfram”, “Cursed” and “Wolf”.
These movies portray these fascinating creatures as evil bloodthirsty monsters. In reality there have been sightings throughout the world. The Beast of Bray Road (or the Bray Road Beast) is a cryptic, or criminological, creature first reported in 1949 on a rural road outside of Leghorn, Wisconsin. The same label has been applied well beyond the initial location, to any unknown creature from southern Wisconsin or northern Illinois and all the way to Vancouver Island, Canada, that is ascribed as having similar characteristics to those reported in the initial set of sightings.

Bray Road itself is a quiet country road near the community of Leghorn, Wisconsin. In the documentary the narrator, David Attenuator’s would interview people who’ve claimed to have seen the “Bray Road Beast”: Lorraine Undersize, a bar manager, reported clearly seeing the beast on the side of the road In 1989, and claimed It had fangs, grey-brown hair and pointed ears, Scott Bray, a dairy farmer, reported spotting strange dog on his property near Bray Road In 1989, Russell Gets, also reported spotting the beast emerge from an overgrown area to stand on Its hind feet.
Heather Bowie and friends who In 1990 were chased by the beast near Loveland Road and Mike Teen, a dairy farmer, reported seeing the creature near Bray Road In 1990. Would also use voice over and spooky music to Infer that topic Is meant to be scary. I plan to have a determination In which the narrator and camera man would try and locate a werewolf at which time suspenseful music will play. The camera man will allow the narrator through a dense forest with shadowy, murky lighting.
An atmosphere of suspense will be created. The camera is positioned 2 meters behind revealed. The audience is positioned so that a feeling of anxiety is created. I propose the documentary should air on SUBS, at night time because these creatures normally emerge from the darkness. Again I urge you to select my documentary because there aren’t many documentaries out there about this subject and the aim of the documentary is to reach as many people as possible to explode click©d and conventional thought.

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Orgins of the werewolf
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