Page length – 4-5 pages not including the title page and references page

Choose a culture/co-culture (FROM THE DOCUMENTARY HAPPY) in which you know very little about.
Before learning/researching about this group you must write an introduction paragraph to your paper in response to the following:

What do you think about this culture?
How is this culture different from your own?
What are some biases that “we” have in relation to this culture?
How is this culture portrayed in the media?

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Page length – 4-5 pages not including the title page and references page
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Watch THE DOCUMENTARY HAPPY and focus in on the culture of your choice. The information in the documentary will need to be cited as support in your research paper.
Your paper needs to use 2-3 peer-reviewed journals as support for your culture. You must cite using APA or MLA guidelines. In text citations or paraphrasing is required.
Conclusion – explain what you have learned from your introduction (before you began researching) through the documentary and your research. Has this changed your perspective? Do you have a different understanding of culture, identity and ideology? Restate thesis/main points.
Page length – 4-5 pages not including the title page and references page.

Again, you must choose a culture that is different than your own. Focus on the documentary HAPPY and what you have learned from this culture: their traditions, identity, religion, way of life and so on. In the paper, I want you to reflect on their culture and way of life. You can use the documentary to incorporate examples and your understanding. THIS IS NOT A FILM ANALYSIS – it is merely for support and for you to understand this culture from a perspective of self/cultural understanding. Incorporate research that either communication scholars/anthropologists have studied that enhances your understanding of culture. Also, juxtapose your own culture with theirs – what is similar? What is different? What do you appreciate about their culture that is not embedded within your own? Use strong use of language and content. This should not be surface level information – dig deep and find substantiated research.

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