You will use the resources identified in the Information Literacy assignment for your paper. You MUST use the six academic journal articles as the core of the source material in the paper. While you can also use case briefs for summary information, the core of the paper must be based upon the articles/journals selected. The paper consists of a cover page, abstract, body, and bibliography. Use the corrected cover page, abstract and reference page from the Information Literacy assignment. Supreme court cases

Formulate a thesis which makes a claim to either the improvement or denigration, of the constitutional provision you choose. You may also structure your thesis to argue both at various historical moments, but you must end with the current status of those rights.
Write a seven to ten page paper (do not include cover page, abstract and reference page in the count) in which you introduce the constitutional provision you have selected, present your thesis, summarize the key elements of the cases and of the articles in which they are featured, and discuss how the cases taken singly or together have influenced the development of that provision.
You are to summarize the information and not present it as a series of direct quotes. Following summarized passages you will insert footnotes, as per Chicago style formatting, which will display properly formatted citations at the bottom of the page. The papers must follow the standard essay format of an introduction, logically presented body paragraphs, and a conclusion that highlight key points but does not include new information. All citations must follow Chicago guidelines

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