paper 4

For this paper, you are to pick a topic being discussed this semester in Inequalities in the Social World, you may choose a topic as broad as class or race or something more specific like inheritance or women and education.
Begin by explaining your topic in detail. Then respond to the following questions regarding your inequality topic:  What are the social forces and factors (stratification, structural inequality, life chances, etc.) that create, impact, and perpetuate this inequality? Which theoretical perspective (chapter 2) would be the best fit to study the inequality that you are examining? Why? Most issues regarding inequality can be considered from a variety of perspectives (opinions / political focus / areas of study), please discuss in this paper at least two different perspectives. What is your position regarding this inequality? How did you acquire your perspective?  Finally, what changes do you think might occur regarding this inequality in the next twenty years?
Be sure to define and explain the terms that you use in this assignment.  At least three outside sociological academic sources should be used when discussing these concepts (peer – reviewed journal articles are preferred).  You may also use your textbooks (they do not count as an outside academic source).  Be sure to cite, in APA format, any sources that are used.  The paper should be typed and double spaced with no smaller than 12 font.  A title page including your name, date, assignment title, and course title is required.  Papers with no title page will receive a 10% deduction.  I am more concerned with content than with number of pages.  However, for those of you that need number of pages, these tend to be 5-8 pages in length.   Let me know if you have any questions or need assistance with choosing a topic.

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