Parent Family Flyer

Parent and family involvement is crucial in early childhood education. Creating strong partnership with families will help support young children in their development. It is up to the early childhood educator to facilitate these partnerships and encourage parent and family involvement. You will create a flyer for parents using the “Flyes” template on Microsoft word. You must create an engaging and interesting flyer that will entice parents to become involved in the classroom. identify and describe at least four activities that will encourage parent/family involvement. When choosing your activities, review Chapter 6 to ensure that your ideas are culturally sensitivE. You are required to include at least one activity that Is discussed in ChaPter 6. Provide a title and a shoe description for each activity. Include one scholarly source in addit to the text to suppprt your activities. The flyer should be no lknghe than two pages. Be sure to include APA FORMATTED  references for the textbook and the additional acholarly source on the bottom of the flyer.

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Parent Family Flyer
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