Passion for Baseball

“What is one thing you are passionate about, and why? ” Around this time in September, thirteen years ago, I saw a beautiful event happen. I was sitting in front of the small television in my living room and I witnessed Mike Piazza hit a homerun in Shea Stadium. At that moment, I was hooked for life. The game of baseball is rich in history and full of legends, yet is still accessible to almost anyone on this planet. For me, baseball is more than a game; it’s a lifestyle.
I began playing T-ball at the raw age of six years old and advanced to a new level of play every year. My passion for baseball flowed through my body more and more as I dvanced to new levels of play. However, being on the field was not the only place that cemented my love for America’s pastime. In fact, the front of my TV actually influenced me a lot. I would watch almost every depressing Met’s game and sit in front of my computer playing two-dimensional Backyard Baseball 2003.
Thank god my brother shares my enthusiasm or who knows what sport I would be playing right now. Year after year, there is something special about baseball that has kept me fascinated. I think there are many reasons why baseball captivates millions of people around the world. I think one of the reasons is that baseball is an eerily perfect game. How did the inventors of baseball know that 90 feet between each base was the perfect length? There are countless plays that come down to a matter of inches.

Baseball is often referred to as “the game of inches” because a matter of inches can be the difference between being safe or out, or even a win or loss. Another reason I like baseball is because I truly believe it brings people together. Just think about twelve years ago today (September 1 1, 2011). Planes crashed into iconic buildings in New York City and Washington D. C. When baseball started back up again, guess who was there to throw out the first pitch in Yankees Stadium? Our president, George W. Bush. He threw an impeccable strike and the crowd went wild.
Through all of the grieving and horror of that week, New York had something to cheer for again. I still get chills Just thinking about that special day. It’s magical moments like that, that make baseball so extraordinary. Baseball is often referred to as “America’s Pastime”. I really like that saying because baseball is engrained in America’s history. I think its funny that baseball almost has a history as vast as the United States. The idea of playing catch in the backyard or going out to the ballpark with your family is etched into my idea of America”.
As a kid that loves the idea of America, it seems fitting that baseball is part of my life. The history is another aspect that keeps me playing. Abner Doubleday first adapted baseball from the British game, “Rounders”. From then on, baseball has evolved into the modern game that I have grown to love. When I visited the Baseball Hall of Fame, I realized how important the history was. Every time I step on a baseball field, I think about the other people hat have stepped on a similar field in the past.
I think of heroes like Jackie Robinson and Ty Cobb, but I also think of soldiers in World War II that continued to play overseas. I feel honored Just to think that I am playing the same game that they myself not playing baseball and it makes me nauseous Just thinking about it. Like I said, baseball is part of my lifestyle. Even shopping for baseball pants or cleats gets me excited. During my lifetime, I guarantee that I will flip on the TV every morning and watch the highlights of every game, Just like I did as a kid. My passion for baseball will never stop running through my veins.

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