Personal Statement for MSc Information Systems

I believe that I am an ideal candidate to be considered for admission to the Manchester Business School’s Masters in MSc Information Systems: e-government program as I possess all the qualities needed for me to become successful in my future career. At present, I am at my final year at the University of Manchester taking up BA in Accounting and Economics, where I have consistently maintained my position as one of the top students in class.
My grade is 60% or 2.1, which basically meets the requirements of program, and I intend to also get a grade of 2.1 in my examinations on May and June so that I would be placed in the Second Upper Class. In this regard, I believe that my grade more than speaks for itself as it shows that I am a highly competent student who would be able to meet and even surpass the high standards of the school’s MSc Information Systems: e-government program.
Furthermore, I believe that the Manchester Business School’s Masters in MSc Information Systems: e-government program is one of the most competitive courses in the country and would no doubt help me attain my goal of being an expert in Information and Technologies (ICT) design and deployment in the context of an e-government.

In addition, I also believe that the program has an in-depth curriculum that would not only help me comprehend the new trends and developments in ICT, but also enable me to critically analyze and address e-government issues which are related to various Information Systems. In short, after completing my degree in the program, I believe that I would definitely be well-equipped with the vital skills and fundamentals that would allow me to become highly adept in Information Systems of the e-government.
In addition, since the program basically deals with the study of electronic or online government information systems that communicate with the people, I would also be able to learn essential information about the government and in effect, improve the delivery public service online. In other words, I believe that the course would allow me to be able to contribute to the betterment of society in my own little way.
Moreover, if I am fortunate enough to be accepted into the Manchester Business School’s Masters in MSc Information Systems: e-government program, I believe I would no doubt be a highly valuable asset to the school as I have a good background on Information Technology and other computer-related courses.
I have already taken up a Management Information System module last year and I am currently taking up Computerized Accounting System so I believe that upon my entry to the program I will already be equipped with the necessary skills and basics on Information Systems.
However, I believe that what sets me apart from the rest of the applicants is my ability to keep up with and adapt to the constantly growing trends of technology, particularly, in Information Systems. I believe that this ability would enable me to fully understand the lessons I would be learning in the program and would help me apply my knowledge on various e-government issues regarding Information systems.
Aside from my ability, I am also a person who always shows enthusiasm to learn new things. I believe that this is important in my career as it would help keep up with the fast growing pace of technology. In this regard, I believe that the ideal place for me to learn is at the Manchester Business School’s Masters in MSc Information Systems: e-government program, where I would be receiving the best education possible.
In short, my various experiences, my extensive background on Information Systems, and most of all, my adaptability to new trends would no doubt enable me to make an impact on the school. If I am admitted, I would do my best and strive hard to become a highly-skilled and highly competent specialist in Information Systems of e-governments.

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Personal Statement for MSc Information Systems
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