Phase 2 DB 1

DUE 11/22/2017

Primary Task Response: Within the Discussion Board area, write 400-600 words that respond to the following questions with your thoughts, ideas, and comments. 

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Phase 2 DB 1
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View Problem Scenario A (below)to learn more about the relationship between Joe, the salesman for UWEAR, and Bill, the customer. This scenario provides key information in helping formulate answers for assignments this week.

In this Discussion Board, you will conduct a debate regarding the ethical nature of Bill and Joes relationship. Apply materials from Beyond the Book, the M.U.S.E., intellipath, and independent research to support your view. Make the reasoning for your position clear. 

If your last name begins with A-J, argue that the nature of their relationship is an ethical breach. If your last name begins with K-Z, argue that the nature of their relationship is not an ethical breach. Consider the following:
Does Joes relationship with Bill meet the definition of a conflict of interest?  Are Bills gifts a form of bribery? Which ethical theory supports your view? Why?  What other ethical issues might be associated with the relationship between Bill and Joe?


 Note: All character and company names are fictional and   are not intended to depict any actual person or business. 
Your meeting with   the chief executive officers (CEOs) of UWEAR and PALEDENIM went well. In a   discussion following the meeting, Theresa Tramlin, the CEO of UWEAR,   mentioned that she would like you to spend some time in the field with her   top sales representative to get a feel for what the salespeople face every   day selling in the current business environment. Today, you are scheduled to   spend the day with Joe Smith.

As you walk across   the lobby of UWEAR, you see Theresa talking to a tall, distinguished-looking   man. This is Joe Smith, Theresa introduces when you step up to them. You’ll be spending some time with him today in the field. 
Nice to meet you,   Joe, you respond, shaking Joe’s hand. 
Theresa says   goodbye and makes her way to the elevator while you and Joe head toward the   parking garage. We’re going to meet with a couple of clients today, Joe   explains. First, we’ll have lunch with Bill Bateman, the CEO of the   Peninsula Hotel chain. He’s a great guy and I’m sure you’ll enjoy meeting   him.
Where are we   meeting him for lunch? I ask, getting into Joe’s car. 
Bill’s hotel, the   Peninsula, has a great restaurant that I frequently use to meet clients, Joe   answers. The food is outstanding. We’re going to meet him there to discuss   the renewal of his uniform contract.
As you continue   the drive to the hotel, Joe elaborates on his business history with Bill. I   was able to win the contract for the Peninsula chain last year, he explains.  We were just able to underbid our competitor, Threads4U. In fact, Bill said   that I underbid them by about $5 per uniform. Great victory on my part. 
It sounds like   you’ve established a great working relationship with Bill, you say. 
Oh, yeah, Joe   agrees. He’s a great guy. The first time we met, I was on my way to buy a   nice bottle of cabernet as a birthday gift for my wife. She loves the   expensive wines. I happened to mention this to Bill, he said he orders it all   the time and offered to give me some for free. I told him it wasn’t 
necessary, but he   insisted. When I got my car back from the valet, I found not just a bottle,   but an entire case of high-end cabernet in my trunk. Joe shakes his head,   smiling. But that’s just the kind of guy Bill is. 
It sounds like it   worked out for you and your wife, you comment. Did she enjoy her birthday gift? 
Yes, Joe says. We both enjoyed it for quite some time. Well, here we are, he adds, pulling   up the Peninsula Hotel. 
As you park and   exit the car, Joe explains, Since Bill and I have been doing business, hes   referred three other hotel owners to me to supply their uniforms. Except for   when Im meeting with one of his competitors, I usually conduct business   meetings with clients here at the restaurant in Bills hotel. Its a beautiful   hotel, you comment as Joe leads you through the lobby, admiring the elegant decor. No wonder you enjoy coming here. I wouldnt mind bringing my family   here for a weekend sometime. 
Actually, Joe   says, My wife and I have become really good friends with Bill and his wife.   He often invites us out onto his yacht with his family, we go to social   events with them, and weve stayed at the hotel several times. We really   enjoy it. You should bring your family sometime, too. Kids love the pool with   the waterfall. 
You nod, following   Joe into the hotels restaurant. After all youve heard about Bill, you are   very interested in meeting him.

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