Philadelphia artifact essay : : Essay Fountain

 It must be unfamiliar in Philadelphia-related artifact or work of art in a museum.

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Philadelphia artifact essay : : Essay Fountain
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 Essay length: 4 to 5 pages

 Need artifact Title or ID, Maker, Date and the Museum where it is located. Include the museum URL, if there is one.   


Observation. Approach your artifact like a detective. Develop a detailed description of the object and its setting. Help your reader visualize the object in detail. Avoid assumptions. This section requires close direct experience, not research. Include at least four observations. 

Context. What are relevant facts to know and understand about this work of art? Present the actual & historical. Approach your artifact as a researcher and reveal the who, what where and when. Consult the most reliable, substantive, authoritative sources (books, articles, websites, interviews, etc.) to present what is relevant, interesting and essential to know and to help develop your analysis.

Analysis.  What is the cultural significance of your artifact? This is the culmination of your PEX report and can only be completed after the other observation and context sections are done. Interpret it’s meaning and what it is expressing. Suggest why the artifact is the way it is and what it reveals. 

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