Wikipedia defines plagiarism as “the wrongful appropriation, close imitation or purloining and publish of another language, thoughts, ideas or expression”. In other context, plagiarism is when you present another person’s words or ideas as your own without giving proper acknowledgement to the originator. Plagiarism can be purposeful, or it can be accidental. Students are the one fondest of plagiarizing and they have their own reasons for it. First in the list is the lack of time. Students do not know how to manage time.
They are not aware of the extent of work and put it off until the last minute lacking time for original work while others do not trust their own capability. Instead, they get insecure of the work of those professional ones. As they read the professional’s work, they think that they lack knowledge to come up with as good as their work. All students aim for a high grade. They tend to focus with what grade they will receive. They do not care whether they learn something from it. Others tell that not only they are doing it.
They are tempted to do so since other still get a grade or are not punish by doing so without any effort. Even those very responsible students tend to plagiarize also. It is because they are afraid of getting a low grade. For them it is unfair that other will get a higher grade by plagiarizing as it may seems that their effort is useless. There are many effects of plagiarism on a person. One of it is causing embarrassment for both the plagiarist and for those who didn’t catch the plagiarist sooner. This is especially the case when the plagiarist has passed off his or her work and was given praise or grades.

This case can lead to shame for the organization and to the person who got caught plagiarizing. Moreover, plagiarism can lead to legal issues. Plagiarism isn’t a crime to commit but it is a crime to violate intellectual property rights and a person’s right. Other than that, plagiarism can also lead to building a society of cheating and lazy. It is a form of cheating and when a person who commit plagiarism they’re not doing their own work but rather riding on the coat tails of someone else. If the habit is undetected then he or she may think that he or she can get away with it, which leads to repeated cheating.
This will not only eat away a person’s integrity and work ethics but can also lead to other people to follow the cheaters habit. This can increase the number of people’s cheating. As conclusion, it is not always easy to detect plagiarism. Sometimes, it is done accidental, which a person really tries to do their own words but instead ended up with the same words they have read. Whatever it is, bear in mind that plagiarism will not only destroy our careers but can also lead to a person’s lack of soft skills will not be successful in finding a job.

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