Plastics Bags: A Devil To Be Banned

Plastics Bags- A Devil To Be Banned Plastic bags are normally given to customers by vendors when buying. It is a very convenient method for transporting goods. Moreover, it is highly popular to the customers and retailers because of its light weight. But, ultimately this much usage of the plastic bags leads to the many serious problems. Plastic bags should be banned in Canada because it have a critical environment problems, health problems and also because of its cost of production and recycling. Plastic bags should be banned because it creates very harmful environment problems.
Throwing plastic bags could make the soil pollution. It also creates marine pollution. As per the research “over 13 billion plastic bags are handed to consumers each year, representing a substantial proportion of all floating marine litter (http://www. guardian. co. uk/ environment/2007/nov/13/plasticbags. pollution). Plastic bags wastes block the drainage and also it is dangerous to marine life. Every year thousands of seals and whales are dying because of eating plastic bags. For making a plastic bags earth’s precious natural resources are being used.
Burning plastics produce much polluted gases which cause air pollution (http://debatewise. org/debates/ 1011-should-plastic-bags-be-banned/#yes9). All of this pollution in combine produces a Green House Effect. Moreover, during the production of the plastics many harmful waste chemical is produce which also contribute in the pollution and ultimately environment problems. So, plastic bags should be banned in Canada as it has dangerous environmental issues. Another, reason for banning of the plastic bags is because of its effect on the health.

Air produce after burning of plastics can lead to an asthma or can worse the asthma. When a plastics break down it release many harmful chemicals and by drinking this type of water it enter into a human body and can produce a disease like diabetes, heart problems, cancer (Copperkitten). These all health problems are serious and they cost much for treatment also. “Toxic emission produces daring an extraction of plastic bags, their manufacturing, and their transportation contribute to acid rain and smog” (Environmental Literacy Council).
Moreover, some people put their foods in plastic bags for a long time and during that many toxic chemicals enter into a food and that may degrade food and also have an adverse effect on a health. Sometimes animals eat plastics bags with other food and in the body plastics not get metabolized and cause the serious problems. Many times it happen like birds eat a part of plastic bags and that stick to their neck and because of that they are unable to take a breath, and die. That’s why the usage of plastic bags should be banned in Canada due to its health risk.
Production as well as recycling of plastic bags is very costly. During a production many natural sources of energy are used and that increase the production cost. Moreover, this will leads to a decrease of these types of an energy sources. The price of oil used to produce petrochemicals for making recycled plastics is so high (Miller, 2005). One could drive their car for a few meters in production cost of one plastic bag. Also, the plastics are non-biodegradable so recycling is very complicated and it will cost too much money.
After the recycling another big problems is of removal of the waste. Overall, production and recycling of plastics bags affect the economy of the country. For recycling there are a separate bins required to put in each street and also special vehicles are required for collection of that bins, and these all ultimately increase a cost of recycling. For a disposal of non-biodegradable plastic bags separate farmyard is required and day by day more and more space required storing plastic wastes. Therefore, it is better to ban a usage of plastic bags and it must be banned.
Some people give a counter argument that plastic bags should not be banned in Canada. They give a reason like plastic bags are convenient, cheaper and also not harm the environment too much. Some says, it is better to add a tax on production and usage of plastic bags than banning it. But it is not necessary that all convenient things are good for environment and economy. Moreover, the plastics are never degraded into a harmless ingredient, it always produce a toxic substances. Another way to reduce the environmental problems is to use a bio degradable plastics bags.
But, the production cost is too high for making bio degradable plastics bags. Some says to reduce the use of plastics bags rather than banning it. But, nobody can control the usage of plastics if it is not banned. And it is proven that the plastic leads to critical environmental problems. It also reduces the other sources of energy and that will affects lot in future. And there is no need to use plastic bags as paper bags already available at the same cost in a market. Also, such types of paper bags are bio degradable as well as safe for a environment.
So, plastic bags must be banned in Canada. In a nut shell, due to the high risk associated with the usage of plastic bags, it should be banned in Canada. Nobody have a right to damage a environment of a earth. So for a environment and for other living creatures usage of plastic bags must be stop and that is only possible by banning of a usage as well as production. In such types of issues awareness is not much useful. Government must have to take a firm steps for it. And, banning of plastic bags is only a solution.
Work cited Copperkitten: Sustainable Living, June 2010 http://copperkitten. wordpress. com/2010/06/22/the-health-hazards-of-plastic-bags/ Environmental Literacy Council. 2005. “Paper or Plastic? ” November 20, 2005. http://www. enviroliteracy. org/article. php/1268. html Miller, G. T. 2005. Sustaining the Earth: An Integrated Approach. Pacific Grove, CA: Thomson Brooks/Cole. http://www. guardian. co. uk/ environment/2007/nov/13/plasticbags. pollution http://debatewise. org/debates/ 1011-should-plastic-bags-be-banned/#yes9

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