position paper

In 2015, leaders of the nation’s law enforcement community (the Major Cities Chiefs Association, Major County Sheriffs’ Association, National Sheriffs’ Association and the International Association of Chiefs of Police) recognized that there is a need to modernize nationwide crime reporting information and other related data.  This is primarily due to the fact that the Uniform Crime Report (UCR) and other crime reporting statistical programs are in need of some modernizing.  
There are currently discussions of building a new National Program of Crime Statistics (NCS-X) which will reflect modern crime elements and related activities. 
Please research, evaluate, and take a position on whether or not you believe the NCS-X program would be beneficial to implement in law enforcement agencies nationwide. 
4 pages with 4,references- “works cited page”in  APA format.
Resources for Assessment:
· Websites: Bureau of Justice Statistics-National Crime Statistics Exchange
· Articles:
o Building a system of National Crime Statistics for the 21st Century 
o The National Crime Statistics Exchange
o How to Write A Position Paper document

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