Due: August 11th by 11:59pm
Now that you’ve conducted both secondary and primary research, gaining a deep understanding of your target audience and client, you will be presenting to the class a creative brief. The information you use to write and present this brief should stem from prior reports. You may also need to do some more secondary research in order to fully complete the brief. 
Use the “Contemporary Creative Brief” outline in the Creative Brief reading of the file and answer all 9 questions as thoroughly as you can (page 173). 
This assignment should take the format of a presentation, as if you were pitching this to your creative team and/or client. Therefore, you should use a presentation software (such as PowerPoint) for this report. Here is where you can show off your presentation skills. Get creative! Your presentation should be 8-12 minutes long, max. 
Also, because this will be presented, please do not try and put all your talking notes in the actual slide. Feel free to write additional information in the “Notes” section of your PowerPoint, but you will be graded based on the aesthetic of the presentation (don’t make it extremely text heavy). 

Please read two files of reports clearly, then start to do the ppt answer 9 questions. 

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