Princess Diana/ Isabella Caro Essay

Please review the video of Princess Diana’s speech we saw in class.

In case the URL doesn’t bring up the video, go to You Tube and google in Princess Diana’s Speech on Eating Disorders.
In a 1 and ½ to 2-page essay, discuss how the issue of eating disorders related to the Princess’ own life. Then discuss the Isabella Caro interview on CBS (go to You Tube to get it) and give examples from the video and Diana’s speech to answer the following. Why is this issue worthy to be discussed in a public forum?  In other words, what makes eating disorders a public interest issue? 
Also, in class, we will be deconstructing the speech–that is, taking it apart, bit by bit, in order to analyze her argument. In addition answering the above questions, integrate into your essay the following, after you print out and read the transcript of the speech. In the speech, she hints about her personal knowledge of and insight into the “dis-ease” that causes eating disorders. Princess Diana argues that both professionals, and the families of patients suffering from eating disorders, need to be involved in the healing process. Does she primarily use ethos, logos, or pathos, or a combination of them, to get her point across? Give examples from the transcript to support your point. Due in your online portfolio on the portfolio due date, 1 to 1 and 1/2 pages 

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Princess Diana/ Isabella Caro Essay
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