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 When responding to your peers’ posts, consider the news story article chosen: Is their reasoning clear? Does it make sense to you? Where might there similarly be room for interpretation in your own post, and how might you clarify? 

Kurt post
The article that I chose to complete the rest of this course with is “Climate change will alter half the worlds coast”. This article really stood out to me because it’s a topic that many people would scroll past but its important to the world how the climate can affect 50% of the world’s coastlines.  The article focuses on the research of how global warming could change wave patterns in the future that could affect sea life and even structures near the coastline. The effects of the slow warming climate across the world will change the direction, height, frequency, and in some places, they will increase wave-driven floods.

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prof avril
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The reason why I chose this article to use for the rest of this course is because I’m curious on the level of a student as well as a human that’s cautious of global warming and all the effects that it’s going to have on the world. I wanted a topic that I didn’t know much about, this topic is really interesting to me but I literally have 0% knowledge on this topic and I like it this way because I feel like it will help me advance my schoolwork by maybe looking up some other evidence to add on to the points that I have from my article. I would like to learn enough about this topic that I will be able to spread awareness about what global warming is doing to our planet and how we could contribute to hopefully bring everything back to normal levels instead of figuring out how the bad some things could become in the future. I never thought that I would want to learn about waves and how the weather affects the movement of the water but I’m truly excited to dive deep into my article and get all the information I can out of it.

 Marcel post
In my own words, my news story is the study Older adults who get a hearing aid for a newly diagnosed hearing loss have a lower risk of being diagnosed with dementia, depression or anxiety. The study has been made by elderly people over the age of 66 and has concrete evidence in scientific data that these hearing aids can work. My reason for choosing this story is because my mom currently has Alzheimer’s so the story hits home in a very personal way for me. I am hoping my mother will be able to remember and have fun at my wedding that i am having in April with the new treatments she is receiving from doctors.  I am hoping to learn more about both the disease of dementia and Alzheimer’s and cures that help by researching more with the news story, so far I have learned a lot. 


Ashley post

Face-to-face: if you are using a visual aid like a projector than something could malfunction with that or the laptop. There could also be an issue with the microphone. Depending on how larger of an audience without the use of one the message couldn’t be sent. With an audience of multiple people there could be side conversations going on between members in the audience. This means that they aren’t paying their full attention and could possible be distracting other members. Giving way to internal conversation about their actions, further distracting the audience and message. The speaker needs to regain control over the audience. This can be done by pausing the message until things settle or calling attention to the interruption. 
Teleconference: Technology plays such a big role in this format that if something glitches the the message can not be delivered. There could be a bad connection or no connection at all. Being that they could take this call essentially from anyway there could be a lot of interference. Background noise and trying to stay engaged with just a voice. The speaker will need to emote from their voice and ask for more audience participation. I feel like the best way to ensure that your message has been conveyed would be to ask for questions without the option of body language that’s really their own play.

Sharice post
Public Speaking (in-person)
When considering sending messages face-to-face, there are many issues with noise that might impact how the message is received. One of the primary types of noise that might inhibit the delivery of a message is body language. If the conveyor of the message is scowling when giving the message, it could potentially turn the recipient(s) of the message off. The receiver(s) might deem the tone as aggressive even if the conveyor sending the message is speaking on a very passive in nature subject.
In this case, those providing the information can enlist tools like refraining from unnecessary fidgeting, consistent facial expressions unless the messaging requires something different, place inflections on speech where needed…no need to shout unless required.
Public Speaking (phone/video)
In this instance, one issue that immediately comes to mind because I have been witness to this phenomenon is the aggressive tone that one might send to an audience because they are speaking too loudly. Conversely, an audience can also assume that a conveyor of a message has a less than confident temperament if they speak with a soft voice. The interesting thing about teleconferences in general is that the audience has to try and make many different distinctions when listening to those that are conveying the message. For instance, if an audience is listening to several different message conveyors at one time, the audience has to try and decipher voices, authority levels, meaning behind what is being conveyed, intention, etc. This type of noise can also lead to less than successful interactions because the audience is too busy trying to block out the noise.

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