project risk homework module 7

1. Read the case study below and develop a simple risk register for the project described with the following characteristics:
A. The risk register must be in Excel.
B. The risk register must include the following columns.
I. Risk event description – what is the risk.
II. Category the risk falls into (i.e. technology, data, people, etc…). You may come up with your own categories.
III. Likelihood of occurrence (High, Med, Low)
IV. Impact if it Occurred (High, Med, Low)
V. The risk register must contain a minimum of 6 project risks.

Case Study
The project is to train your office staff on a new email system that is being implemented in three months. There are 250 office staff members spread across five different locations in Michigan, Ohio, and Florida. The existing email system is Lotus Notes and the staff has been using this product for 5 years. The new email system is Office 365. The expectation is that both instructor and student training material will be developed and training will be a combination of both on-ground face-to-face and on-line web-based. A budget of $25K has been approved and senior management is watching this project carefully to ensure a smooth and proper transition.

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project risk homework module 7
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