Prometheus and Gaea

Prometheus and Gaga: Any Rand’s Choice of Characters Throughout Greek mythology Prometheus Is known as the fire bearing Titan who rebelled against Zeus and saved the world from his curse of a hatless and lightness punishment. Like wise, Equality In Anthem also rebels against his government in response to seeing the corruption within it. These similarities show how their lives exemplify the Ideal of individualism. Furthermore, Gaga, the goddess of earth, is comparable with The Golden one from Anthem; both would be seen as the beginning of a new race.
In particular, Prometheus and Equality trails and experiences correlate to each other and elicit the motives behind their audacious actions. Ultimately, Any Rand changes the names of her characters to Prometheus and Gaga as their lives parallel the lives of Equality and the Golden One both with similar trials and sacrifices for the sake of mankind. Prometheus and Equality rebellion are similar. They both passionately desire prosperity for their human race and are willing to rebel against a higher power to achieve it.
Initially, their rebellion against a higher power is quite similar: “The rebel Prometheus, who had taken such a arsenal risk for mankind, now was faced with getting the fire back down to earth. ” (Pontoons; Prometheus; Mythology’s Original Rebel). Furthermore, Equality rebelled against the higher power that threatened his humanity: ” You fools! ‘ we cried. You fools! ‘ You thrice-damned fools! ” (Rand, page 75). Here Equality calls the highest power, the Council of the Scholars, “Thrice-damned fools” because they reject his offering to humanity.

Later, Equality vows to protect his chosen brothers and start a new rebellion race that would be based off Individualism and loyalty. He wanted to rate a new race of humans, a race that would be superior to the people that he grew up with. He would add things that would make them like gods relative to that of the past humans, such as individualism and reverence for there own spirit. Here, Rand displays Equality plans for mankind, “Our son will be raised as a man. He will be taught to say ‘I’ and to bear the pride of it.
He will be taught to walk straight and on his own feet. He will be taught reverence for his own spirit” (Rand, page 100). Likewise, Pontoons also describes Prometheus’ view on the creation of humans when e writes, “Prometheus had created humans in the likeness of gods” and also when he says, “Prometheus, the wise Titan, made man stand upright like the gods to be noble and conscious and to hold his head high, looking up at the heavens” (Pontoons, Prometheus; Mythology Original Rebel).
These similarities regarding rebellion and recreation of humans between Equality and Prometheus elicit their motives and exemplify how their lives are parallel. Throughout Greek mythology, Gaga Is known as Mother Earth, the creator of life, and the goddess of Earth. The characteristics of others during the creations of Gaga and The Golden One are the overarching theme between Anthem and Saga’s myths. These characteristics correspond with how Any Rand describes The Golden One, “Let this be your name, my Golden One, for you are to be the mother of a new kind of gods” (Rand, 99).
Thus the Golden one Is described as the mother of a new kind of race. Ironically, a motif throughout Anthem as we came to the northern road, we kept our eyes upon Liberty 5-3000 in the field… Then one day they came close to the hedge, and suddenly they turned to us… They stood still as a stone” (Rand, Page 39, 40). The Golden One is associated numerous times with nature and defined by it. An example of this is when the Golden One feeds Equality water from the stream; the love that they share is bridged through mother-earth.
The numerous displays of nature exhibited through the Golden one emphasizes how their live are comparable and importantly parallel. Another aspect of Prometheus and Equality lives that are consistent includes their experiences. Firstly, both accepted severe torture for the sake of mankind. In Prometheus’ case, he angered Zeus by fooling him and stealing the fire from the Palace of the gods and rough it back to earth, where Zeus prohibited it. This angered Zeus so much that he put Prometheus through excruciating torture for up to 30,000 years.
Parallel to Prometheus, equality was whipped and tortured because of his disobedience to answer to the Council of the Home. Likewise, both Prometheus and Equality were forced into questioning, but both refused: ” Where have you been? But we Jerked our head away, hid our face upon our tied hands, and bit our lips” (Rand, page 65). And also in Prometheus’ story: “Zeus offers Prometheus a chance to free himself by veiling information that Prometheus knew’ This idea of endurance is relevant in both situations and it underscores the willing passion that both characters possessed for their human race.
Gaga is also known for yielding offspring with Uranus, the god of the sky, and showing sheer courage in ordering her son Crocus to decapitate his genitals: “Uranus was afraid that one of his Titan children would end up overthrowing him… The Titans were thus imprisoned by Uranus in Tartar’s, a region of the Underworld… From the blood of Uranus that fell on her, Gaga conceived Eeriness… Gaga may have saved Zeus from a fate similar to his father’s Crocus]” (Pontoons; “Gaga?Mother Earth”). With passion, The Golden One abandoned her former life of slavery to follow Equality.
The Golden One showed courage by escaping the city and vowing herself to Equality for life; this step of faith would lead her to produce offspring Just as Gaga did. The similarities in their beliefs and their willingness to take action in time of despair are Just another aspect of how these characters are parallel. On the whole, the ultimate name change of Any Rand’s characters?Greek gods Prometheus and Gaga?are symbolic representations of the ivies of Equality and The Golden One. They willingly submit their lives for the greater good of creation.
Overall, Any Rand’s choice of Prometheus is Justified through the rebellions, tortures, and goals for humanity that parallel Equality. Any Rand’s choice of Gaga is relevant as well because of the courage and traits that The Golden One and Gaga share. In conclusion, Any Rand saw the personalities of Prometheus and Gaga and viewed them as perfect matches for Equality and The Golden One. Thinking in the here and now, how would today’s world fare without brave leaders such as The Golden One and Equality?

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