Pros and Cons of Computer Assisted Technology

The rapid changes in technology adversely affect organizations and leave them with no choice but to adopt the new technology the use of computer – assisted communication technology and computer-assisted decision-aiding technology has its advantages and disadvantages to the organizations that adopt them. For any organization to adopt use of any technology usually large amounts of capital have to be laid down as computer – assisted communication technology and computer-assisted decision-aiding technology is very expensive.
The organization has to buy the software and hardware, employ expert personnel to operate. Adopting this technology also affects the structure of the organization as it results to the shrinking of the employees. This is a pro to the employer as it saves on the money that could have been used to pay the many employees who are replaced by one computed machine. It may be viewed as a con to the society as it reduces job opportunities rendering most people jobless (Huber, 1990). This technology has also resulted to automation especially in manufacturing organizations.
This is time saving and helps the organization to grow mainly in terms of output. Decision-aiding techniques such as decision support systems and spread sheets have made it possible for organizations’ network to function more effectively and be more reliable than the use of humans, hence increased efficiency. There have been reports of accidents linked to this technology caused by errors or attempts to achieve challenging objectives which result to loss of important information, businesses and even life (Roberts, 1993).

The technology is fast as organizations are able to access and exchange information at a faster rate. It also is more reliable especially if a caution is taken to lay down a system to deal with any risk that may come up due to errors or accidents. This technology can be viewed as Utopian. This is because it aims at making life simpler and easier for people (More ; Logan, 1989). One can also view in from the neutral point of view; this is because the technology has both advantages and disadvantages as discussed above.
The use of computer – assisted communication has both positive and negative impacts in communication. In teaching for example, use of the technology can be viewed negative when the teachers let the technology become the tutor to the students rather than using it as a tool of teaching. The positive impact in teaching is that integrating the technology with the teacher’s skills has produced good results with the students. The teacher should not forget their importance in the success of the lesson.
Use of tools such as the internet has made it possible to communicate cheaply large volumes of information to many people all over the world as long as they are connected within a very short time. Businesses are also able to reach several people at once by advertising their products on the internet. However, the internet is perceived to have some the negative impact of information perceived to be immoral or not suitable for some groups of people to be passed on freely, for example pornography on the internet. The technology has inclusion made communication faster, safer and more efficient.
Communication does vary in different cultures and industries. This is because as much as the technology usually is borrowed, individuals tend to use it but stick to rules and guide lines laid that have been laid down to guide them.
References Huber. G. P. (1982), “Organization Change and Development”. Annual Review of Psychology. 28: 138 – 155. Moore. T & Gorge M. Lorgan (1989), “Utopia”. Cambridge University Press. Roberts. K. H. (1993), “New challenges to Understanding organizations”. New York Macmillan.

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