Based on one of the articles on a qualitative study that you have previously researched for this course, address the following:

Describe the type of data collected in the study and how it was collected.
Discuss how the researchers established the dependability, or reliability, of the data.
Discuss how the researchers established the credibility, or  validity, of the data. Use the information from the “Validity and  Qualitative Research: An Oxymoron?” article assigned in this unit’s  studies (linked in Resources). Discuss how the credibility and  dependability of the research contribute to the scientific merit of the  research.
List the persistent link for your article. Use the Persistent  Links and DOIs library guide, linked in the Resources, to learn how to  locate this information in the library databases.
Cite all sources in APA style and provide an APA-formatted reference list at the end of your post.

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Kirrane, M., Breen, M., & O’Connor, C. (2018). A qualitative investigation of the origins of excessive work behaviour. Journal of Occupational and Organizational Psychology, 91(2), 235-260. doi:10.1111/joop.12203 

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