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  1. True or False? Fossil fuels are responsible for about 30% of all energy consumed in the United States.
  2. True or False? The primary use for oil in the United States is for home heating.
  3. Explain why the use of fossil fuels remains so prevalent today.
  4. True or False? Natural gas is often found where oil is found.
  5. True or False? Coal is primarily used in the production of electricity.
  6. True or False?  The United States is fortunate to have massive coal reserves?
  7. The two methods of mining are known as _________ and ______ mining.
  8. Summarize the major components of a coal-fired generating plant.
  9. Write a brief justification for the use of coal justification.
  10. Means of limiting emissions from a coal-fired power plant include _____ and _____.
  11. A(n) _____ tower is used to distill crude oil in various products.
  12. What is the relationship between the United States and the Organization of Petroleum Exporting Countries (OPEC)?
  13. Discuss both the positive and negative impacts of improting oil.
  14. True or False? Tar sands and shale oil are major contributors to the worl energy production, at present.
  15. _____ has the greatest British thermal unit (Btu) content of all the hydrocarbons that comprise natural gas.
  16. Natural gas is transported primarily by: tanker ship, b) rail, c) pipeling, or d) truck
  17. True or False? Natural gas is measured by the ccf or therm.
  18. Which of the following fossil fuels is most abundant in the United States? a) coal, b) oil, c) natural gas, or d) tar sands
  19. List and describe at least four concerns about the yse of fossil fuels. 
  20. True or False? The pH scale is often used to measure the energy content of coal.
  21. Which of the following measurements would indicate the greatest acidity? a) 3.2, b) 4.6, c) 7.0, or d) 8.3
  22. True or False? One positive outcome of the consumption of fossil fuels is that of global warning.
  23. Problems associated with the consumption of fossil fuels include: a) acid rain, b) the greenhouse effect, c) global warning, d) all of the above.
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