Ragtime, My Time

RAGTIME, MY TIME by A. F White Comprehension test Directions: Answer the following questions in complete sentences and in your own words. 1. In two or three sentences, write the main idea of this article. * This article talks about the racism issue that the author had to deal with, he tells us a personal story that he had to went through because he is a black men. 2. According to the way the author was raised, what did he believe would bring people respect? He believed that qualities like been a hard working, been a good person, that always tell the true and been a gentleman would bring people respect 3. The author says in the essay that his life will never be the same. Explain two ways the author’s life has changed. Use specific details from the essay * First of all, the author’s life has changed because he was unfair arrested. “I was given even a second to use the manners my parents taught me, but mostly because the police whom I’d always thought were supposed to serve and protect me, were actually hunting me. On the second place his life changed because after that horrible personal experience his feeling were hurt and the way that he told everything were, was completely different “ before I was finally let go, exhausted, humiliated, embarrassed, and still in shock … “ 4. What does the author means when he says, “on that Friday afternoon, I became a real-life Coalhouse Walker” (par. 4)? * His role Coalhouse Walker Jr. in the Broadway musical ragtime is a victim of overt racism which happened the same to him in real life; he was a victim of overt racism. . According to the author, why might paramedics be coming to his building? * Because older people live in the same building 6. What things about the author did the police NOT consider? * The police not consider give explications to the four person who were arrested, they did not know why they were arrested or where they were going. 7. Why do you think the author was automatically linked to the two Hipic men in his building? * I think that is because the author is a black guy. 8.

Even though the two Hipic men were identified as experienced criminal, the author was still kept and questioned for five hours. What reason was he given by the police? Why do you think this happened? * The author still kept and questioned because the police wanted to find something on him that make him criminal too, the reason that the police gave to him was “standard procedure” and I think that this happened just because he is a black men 9. Why do you think the author cooperated with the police and what did they asked? I think he did it because in the first place he was raised as a good person who always tells the true and a very polite person and secondly because he did not had nothing to hide to the police he did not do something wrong also because he was a victim, they had guns. I think the police were very rude to him and they asked questions that could affected his feelings 10. Why does the author say that the police apology was a “pseudo-apology”? Do you agree with the author? Explain your answer. Yes, I am agree because the apology that the police gave to him was like a fake apology, after that the police said “ you were at the wrong place and in the wrong time “ it seems to me like the police tried to find a excuse for themselves, it wasn’t the author fault, he just was where he lived. DIRECTIONS: chose the correct answer 11. The author is a. An actor 12. The three other black men who were arrested were C . moving in to the building 13. When the author was handcuffed, he b. Remained calm and did what he was told. DIRECTIONS: write T for true or F for false 4. F The police let the author ask questions 15. F the police asked the author and the four other men where they going 16. T the author was on his way to the bank DIRECTIONS: write F for fact or O for opinion 17. F “on june 16, 1999 I was at my Harlem apartment. ” 18. O “ I was given a pseudo-apology” DIRECTIONS: on the line, write the noun that the pronoun is referring to. 19. “ I thought THEY might be paramedics, since… “ They= police officers 20. “… apologize for their mistakes…” Their= police officers

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