Reaction Essays of HUM 328

You will write 2 short reaction papers (15% each), each on a feature film (not documentaries) that we’ve viewed in class. Each film reaction paper must be 400 to 800 words and should incorporate themes from the class, themes from the readings if relevant, and your original thinking. This is a formal writing exercise. DO NOT JUST SUMMARIZE THE FILM!Draw out one or more key themes from the film and provide your reaction to the film within the context of our course content and discussions. While you do not need to bring in any outside research, the writing should be formal and clean. I want to hear what you think, but this does not mean you should write in a colloquial or informal style. If necessary, take your work to one of the writing centers on campus (University: ) (College of Social and Behavioral Sciences: ). The first reaction paper is due July 15 at 11:59pm, and the second is due July 30 at 11:59pm. Of course, cheating and plagiarism will earn you a failing grade and disciplinary action. Both must be turned in to the turnitin link in the Content section of our Blackboard page, and no paper copy is required.
Two movies I chose: “Rashomon”, “Raise the Red Lantern”. Here’s their link:

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Reaction Essays of HUM 328
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