Reflection Essay on Consumer Behaviour

Mundane product costing less than RSI 100/- Product chosen by Consumer: Milk Packets (mall) Consumer Name and Occupation: Mr.. Varian Sings, Business strategist for a NC Consumer age: 27 years Introduction The survey was conducted at Infinity Mall, Andrei with Mr.. Varian Sings who works at a NC as Business Strategist. The product chosen by Varian was 500 ml plastic milk packets as it is an important part of his daily life and routine.
Consumption Experience Varian consumes two milk packets every day one in the morning and another in the evening before he leaves for gym. It is delivered by a shopkeeper directly to his flat and he does not pay anything extra for this service. Also he makes monthly advance payments to the shopkeeper. He believes that drinking milk Is necessary to maintain his health as It contains basic nutrients and has now become a crucial part of his dally routine. He generally consumes milk with cornflakes or oats.
Relationship with product He has been consuming packaged milk since he left his hometown Swallow before which his family used to purchase milk which came directly from the dairy farms to his home. The product has not changed since he started consuming it, all aspects like packaging, quality etc. Have been the same. Only there have been continual increase in prices due to inflation. Things which have gone wrong in the relationship Varian is dependent on this product and also loves it. There have been no issues or difficulties in availing this product but sometimes the service provided by the shopkeeper have not been up to the mark.

There have been cases where the milk packets were stolen from outside his flat and also sometimes the shopkeeper does not deliver It on time. Positive/Negative Surprises There heaven been any case of exceptional service or surprise but a couple of times he was provided with milk packets after their expiry date which is very rare. Satisfaction level of consumer Varian is satisfied with the product since he believes that drinking milk is a necessity since it is good for health and assumes that the quality of the milk available in packets is appropriate.
He does not like to consume milk available in tetra pack containers since he has heard that they contain some preservatives which cause harm to our bodies. Importance of the product in Consumer’s life This product plays a key role in Virus’s life since it is a major part of his everyday breakfast as he consumes milk with cornflakes or oats. Also he believes that drinking milk dally keeps his body In good shape and thus provides a kind of mental satisfaction. Role of brand He personally does not have any brand preference but generally drinks from Maul
Packets since the same is stocked by the shopkeeper near his flat. Conclusion for his health and he has been told that he must drink a glass daily. He did not have any opinion on different brands available in the market and is satisfied with packets delivered to him by from the shop. He only dislikes milk in tetra packaging since he has heard that the preservatives used in them are not good for health. Overtime he has grown used to drinking milk and would feel uncomfortable if the same is not provided to him.

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Reflection Essay on Consumer Behaviour
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