Reflective Essay

The first mid-term paper enhances the learning objectives of unit 1 that is an understanding of the historical evolution of the Western discourse on cosmopolitanism and cultural diversity, with a focus on the UNESCO Universal Declaration on Cultural Diversity. The paper is a Reflective Essay that connects the Unit’s content to the student’s own experiences in a way that is both academic and personal. It should be 1,000-1,200 words (with references) and be completed outside of class. The Essay can be written in the first person. The assignment is graded according to the Program Learning Outcomes Matrix.
For the assignment, students write a Reflective Essay on how the history of culture, ethnicity and identity connects to their own experiences in their countries. The Reflective Essay can highlight any aspect of the learnings in Unit 1 (theories, academic literature, UN documents, etc.), as long as it demonstrates critical thinking and a depth of knowledge gained thus far in the course. For guidance, go to: and

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