reply to the disscussion in own words not from internet

1: Describe the listening process, and explain how good listeners overcome barriers at each stage of the process.

2:Explain the importance of nonverbal communication, and identify six major categories of nonverbal expression.

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reply to the disscussion in own words not from internet
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3:I liked this video.  I liked how it gave good and bad examples and had both viewpoints.  One of the aspects that stuck out to me, was the video of the woman who came across blunt and like she didn’t want to help the customer.  She felt she was being honest and clear.  I see that a lot in our office, where people are a bit rushed and come across as very impersonal, mean and unwilling to assist.  I’ve noticed that it happens more and more, and it seems to be how we’re coached.  I say that, because if you do try to be a team player and step outside of your responsibilities even just a touch, management complains.  I wonder if in this situation, perhaps she had been through something similar.

4:I also believe that sometimes, more often than not, coworkers, or employees don’t want to step up and help because in their mind or they way of thinking is that they are not getting pay any extra to do more, or to do something outside their boundaries or duties. I have hear that comment numerous times in different places. Another reason that people doesn’t step up to help (and I hear this one as well) is because they believe if the company sees them doing more that what they suppose to be doing, they will get more responsibilities from the company or their boss without any pay increase. So, occasionally they pretend that they are not even seen it, so they don’t get involved. A person who cares about other employees or coworker, won’t pay attention to those details and do whatever needs to be done to make everybody’s job easier. Also increasing the customer satisfaction because of their dedication, but some other will look in a different direction.

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