Research paper of 8 pages

(Rough draft of term paper) – TWO PAGES : about 500 words in length and bullet points are acceptable.

(Final paper) SEX PAGES: 

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Research paper of 8 pages
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The term paper assignment asks students to do original research and write a text focused on the question “What is Architecture?”. The paper should be approximately 1,500 words in length and include detailed descriptions and analysis of key project and architects. Students must incorporate primary source materials. Sources should be cited in footnotes or end-notes and a bibliography should be included; parenthetical references are not acceptable. Images should be numbered, referenced in the text and included in the layout of the text. Sources cited must include non-web sources such as books and scholarly articles. 


-Support your argument using primary sources (footnotes and quotes).
-Use the resources posted in the files section
-Show me that you studied the files posted on as other books or articles you quote. Quotations from written sources such as books, magazines, journals are appreciated and, generally speaking are better than online articles.

-Style of quotations= Please refer to the Chicago Manual of Style. More important be coherent and consistent. 

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