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Electronic health record system is a digital version of a patient’s paper chart electronic health records are records that make information available instantly and securely to authorized users. (, 2013). If all health care organization used electronic health record system will understand the convenience of retrieving the patient medical information quickly and efficiently. Using electronic health record system has its advantages for all health care organizations there are less errors than using paper records. Physicians communication has improved with using electronic health records, and it’s convenient for doctors to follow up with their patients and track their care. Here is a breakdown of benefits electronic health records
·   Better patient care
·   Financial incentives
·   Quality care
·   Efficiency and productivity
·   Less paper work
Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act was placed in effect to protect the electronic health records privacy and security and healthcare organizations is using backup systems for data storage in case there is any loss of data or breaches. Organizations switching to electronic health records, the patient’s records are kept private and only providers, nurses, and medical professional will be able to access patient’s medical information. The cost for electronic health record system is expensive but it’s a good investment for all healthcare organizations to have because this new system helps protect the privacy of patient’s medical information and patient’s medical information is right there to have access too. There’s no cost for training the medical professional and employees to learn the system and access the patient’s medical record. Technology is changing every day in the health care industry and improving new methods that will help protect patient’s medical information will continue to advance all organizations in the medical field.
This MUST be Substantive as to this DB! All References & Citing where/When necessary.

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Response Needed
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