response to lesson 5

I have been working with a certain organization where the created a team to help in making an effective decision on every work that the management needs. We have been analyzing a project that took us three months to understand and this has required team leaders thus managing the business requirement under the support of the team members. We gathered some of the information and confirm the copied document containing the report on the decision made by the team members. However, the management detected some of the changes in the copy and this created conflicts between the group member to help in identifying the mess (Einarsen et al., 2018). The leader should ensure there is the proper development of the communication skills to prevent the issues that will create an isolated group. I was focusing on identifying different challenges after I realized there were differences among the group when making a decision. I helped the management to deploy conflict resolution practices that will limit the threats that can cause project failure. It is important to understand the need of the team members and analyze the important information before making a conclusion. We were able to collaborate and interact together to understand the factors that could have led to the rise of the conflict and look for possible ways to mitigate and resolve the conflict.
Creativity in teams
There are three different indices that include team creativity including the use of technology, talent, and tolerance. The team leader should coach members to ensure there is a better rating in creativity level thus limiting the issues of the conflict (Florida, Adler, King & Mellander, 2020). The use of technology requires regular updates to manage all the confidential data and training of the team members to avoid the issue of conflict activities in the company. 


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response to lesson 5
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Part 1 Conflict within Teams
During our regular team meeting all the team members’ roles, and guidelines were discussed for the project, timeline was also set for the project. Each member of the team were specialized  for the project. At the end of the everyone agreed and were working on it for months. During the course of the project our team manager became very defensive and persona. Team Manager started interfering, imposing and forcing team members to make changes in the projects without any team approval. Manager started questioning team members’ credibility of knowledge. Not following any code of ethics and not giving enough autonomy to the team members work on their own on the project.  Also blaming the team members for not being team player and creating tension between the team members. According to Gifford (2015) primary source of conflict was when the team manager got very emotional and personal with team members. When approached with ideas being resentful. 
Part 2 :Creativity in teams
Creativity at work is called group creativity. According to Creativity means production of ideas. It is the first step towards innovating ideas. I evaluate myself using Kurtzberg (2000) three indices of creativity in team and they are flexibility, fluency and originality. I can say that my mind is always full of ideas and can come up with ideas of different categories. One strategy I can use is experimenting with different ideas and involving my teammates as wellI can enhance my creativity. Another strategy I can use to enhance my creativity is being up to date with recent innovation and technology. 


Conflicts are common when you work in a team. People have different views and having right circumstances the differences lead to a conflict. People can choose to ignore it or complain o it, how the conflict is handled will determine if it works for the team advantage or contributions. You can ignore it, blame it, complain it or deal with it through the suggestions and hints or you can directly contact and clarify what is happening and try to find a solution with common techniques like compromise and negotiation. It is clear that conflicts have to be dealt but how to deal it is the question. They have to be dealt constantly with a plan or else it gets easily pulled over to an argument and create a large mess.
Acknowledge the conflict:
The conflict needed to be acknowledged before it can be resolved and managed. The tendency of people is to ignore it the first signs of the conflict or it is difficult to differentiate from the normal and healthy debate. If you are concerned about a conflict in your team feel free to discuss with other team members. Once the team realize the issue it can start working on the resolution. Whether there are obvious factions within the team who support a particular option, approach or idea, or each team member holds their own unique view, each position needs to be clearly identified and articulated by those involved (MindTools, 2018)
3 Indices to creativity:
Be supportive: Initial step to encourage creativity in workplace is by being supportive. All team members need to feel that creative ideas from them are not just being heard, but listened to, encouraged also rewarded. They need to feel safe to take risks in the way they are giving suggestions and thinking, and also know that they won’t be charged or think they are crazy for thinking something different or trying them.

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