revise a report about lights and vision contact me if you can do it

Below is the requirement and the topic and attached is my report see you can help me to revise it to get a higher mark.

Option 2: Hello, I am an engineering consultant currently working on a project involving renovations to the General Mitchell Airport in Milwaukee, which is in Wisconsin, USA. The operators would like to add several large outdoor LED screens at the perimeter of the airport grounds to display information and advertisements. However, many in the community are concerned about the screens being unattractive, obtrusive, visually “busy,” and distracting to drivers and other users of the area. Some community activists have alleged that a complex range of interacting factors (e.g. the brightness of light, colour of light, temporal characteristics of the images, pattern characteristics, image size, etc.) influence the visibility of the images and the extent to which they attract attention. Since airport renovations are co-funded by a number of agencies (e.g. the United State Federal Aviation Administration, state governments, local governments, etc.), all parties have to agree to the plan before it can be implemented. In order to properly evaluate the airport operator’s request, we need to better understand, at a fundamental level, the variables of light that are relevant for this issue. We know that you have expertise on light and vision. So, we would like to engage your consultancy to prepare a report for us that summarizes and analyses relevant scientific findings. At this stage, please don’t discuss lighting technologies, current regulations, or specific applications or tasks. Instead, concentrate on scientific investigations of visual processing from journal articles. The stakeholders responsible for responding to the airport operator’s request are well educated, but non-technical, so please make sure that your document is easy-to-understand for non-experts. It should be formatted as a consulting report and the body of the report should be limited to eight A4 pages.

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revise a report about lights and vision contact me if you can do it
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