Rhetoric in the Electronic Age 10-12 pg APA

Compose an original research paper (10 to 12 pages) on the following topic:
Discuss the future of rhetoric in our electronic age. Look at major theorists and movements, and how they have expanded our current understanding of rhetoric. You might take a closer look at concepts such as Deconstruction or the Rhetoric of Display insofar as they influence our post-modern discourse. You might note how rhetoric has substantially changed from the classical model, and incorporate the different socio-political climates and other factors relating to the degree of influence/importance on our present-day rhetoric.
To support your observations, you must include at least five references. You may use the required texts for the course, the supplemental articles and speeches, or any other source that supports your analysis.
For further understanding of contemporary rhetorical theory, and to help prepare for the final paper, read the following articles:

The Fate of Rhetoric in an Electronic Age  Brooke, C. G. (1997, Spring). The fate of rhetoric in an electronic age. Enculturation, 1(1). Retrieved from http://enculturation.net/1_1/brooke.html
Saul/Paul and The Promise of Technological Reforms  Metzger, D. (1997, Spring). Saul/Paul and the promise of technological reforms.Enculturation, 1(1). Retrieved from http://enculturation.net/1_1/metzger.html
Digital Rhetoric: Toward an Integrated Theory  Zappen, J. P. (2005). Digital rhetoric: Toward an integrated theory. Technical Communication Quarterly, 14(3), 319-325. Retrieved from http://gossettphd.org/library/zappen_digirhet.pdf
Recovering Delivery for Digital Rhetoric  Porter, J. E. (2009). Recovering delivery for digital rhetoric. Computers and Composition, 26(4), 207-224. doi:http://dx.doi.org/10.1016/j.compcom.2009.09.004
Paper must adhere to the guidelines below.
Format – papers shall include all of the following elements (not counted toward required 10-12 pages of body text):

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