rhetoric letter

New Rhetoric Assignment: Due by Sunday 9/17 by 11:59 PM  in the journal area by 11:59 pm called B Journal # 2 Rhetorical Letter Exercise.  
You will be writing me a letter using all the components of Rhetoric. The name of each aspect will be highlighted BEFORE you write the sentence of the example.
The assignment will be in MLA format. Please use in text citations if you are using outside sources. You must also have a reference/work cited at the bottom of the letter.
Remember to use the pagination and your headers.
Dear Professor,
          (Genre) Today I am writing this letter to you to discuss the new assignment 
you have given the class. (Argument) 
In the journal area please attach in a word doc your Rhetoric Letter assignment:
The word doc must be called: Your Last Name_ First Name RL
The Thread you create in the Journal must be called: Your Last Name_ First Name RL
The assignment: 
It is the final four weeks of the semester and it looks like you will not be getting an A in my class for ENG 107. However, you feel that you are entitled to the A. You have worked long and hard on your grammar and spelling.  You have gone to tutoring and the Writing Center and re wrote all of your essays and in class writing. Although you did not have time to meet with me during the semester, you feel that you spoke with me enough times after and before class to be helped. You feel your writing has improved and that is what is important.
Be careful with the following information and how you use it –if you should use it at all:
You really need an A in the course to increase your GPA as you are not doing as well as you had liked in your other courses and you feel this will help your grade situation.  
Remember this detail for your letter, you have not been as diligent with your attendance as you should have been and left class early on occasion. 
Please write me a letter, using all the components of Rhetoric to persuade me if you can to help you receive an A for this course.
This assignment is worth 25 points towards your grade this semester.
Please remember to embellish and use examples. It needs to be at least one page. Yes, we will still be formatting using MLA. 

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