Scene paragraph

The scene Is when Maroon arrives at the hotel. After checking In she Is Invited to have dinner with Norman. While she is getting settled Norman goes back into the house and Marion overhears He and his “Mother” arguing about Marion eating dinner there. He instead brings the dinner down to her where they begin to talk. While talking she gives her opinion of what he should do with his mother because she is “very ill”. Throughout this scene you get an idea of how Norman feels about his mother, and why he feels like he need to be there for her.
This scene to me relates to the movie as a whole because all of the things that the viewer was told during this part of the movie Is later explained at the end. How Normal’s mother dies 10 years ago but to customers, and to himself, he acts as If she Is still living. He also says that his mother couldn’t deal with the death of her boyfriend and Is having a hard time dealing with his death as well as Normal’s father. When In fact, Norman poisoned both the boyfriend and the mother.
We also believe the mother to be doing the murdering but it has been Norman dressed in women clothes and a wig. The anatomy of the film I feel is in this scene but is slowly broken down and explained more in depth throughout the remainder of the movie. Taxi Driver The scene begins at the diner where the scabies meet usually meet for coffee while on shift. Travis follows the Wizard outside as he leaves and sparks a conversation with him eluding to the fact that he has thoughts In his head that he wants to act on. These thoughts are to kill someone.

This scene plays a large part to me In this film because this Is where I believe the turning point for Travis Is. Throughout the entire vie he feels uneasy because he is searching for something, searching for his place in this world. His major issues lie with the scum that pollute his city and the fact that no one is doing anything about it. This scene is where Travis begins to come to the realization of what his purpose and that purpose is to fight those that are polluting the city. He can not and does not fight everyone but his finds a way he can combat this and takes advantage of this.
All in the name of helping another person become a better person by convincing Iris to go back to her parents as well as getting rid of a ewe gangsters and pimps who help pollute the city. The Wizard of Oz This scene Is towards the closing of the film. The Wizard has granted all wishes he has promised to Scarecrow, Tin Man, and The Lion and now Dorothy is awaiting to where the all of the townspeople of Emerald City are gathered. Toto Jumps out his basket to chase a cat and Dorothy chases after which in turn causes her to miss the ride home.
She begins to get distraught because she does not know how she is going to get home until The Witch Of The North appears and informs her on how to get home. I believe this scene relates to rest of the movie because it culminates everything that has happened in a few minutes. At this point Dorothy realizes she had the power all along to go home. The entire story was about characters going to see the Wizard to get something that each of them possessed all along. Dorothy possessed the power to go home whenever she chose to.
Scarecrow wanted a brain but was intelligent already and was on display throughout the film especially when they battled the witch. Tin Man wanted a heart, but showed characteristics of having a heart all throughout the film. Showing love, caring, and being compassionate. And the Lion wanted courage, but didn’t realize that it took courage to take the Journey to the wizard, and courage to save Dorothy. Dances With Wolves The scene is where Let. Dunbar is and the Indian arrive at their living area at night and he tells him that he is full.
The Indian begins to check out Let. Dunbar Jackets and he asks if he would like to wear it. The Indian puts the Jacket on and as a gesture of goodness exchanges with him a tribal necklace. Let. Dunbar replies “this is a good trade”. They enter the tent where they all eat, Joke and laugh. Let. Dunbar see’s one of he tribesman wearing his hat that he wants back. The Indian does want to give it back but in turn is convinced to give something to Let. Dunbar as a gestured of goodness. The previous Indian who Let.
Dunbar exchanged his Jacket with replies “good trade” after the exchange as a sign of comedy. This scene is where I feel Let. Dunbar begins to feel comfortable in his new place in life and begins to really feel comfortable with the tribe that he is around. One characteristic of this movie is transitioning and I feel this particular scene shows a piece that contributes to Let. Dunbar transition. Raiders of The Lost Ark The scene begins when Indiana and Marion are trapped in the area where they have found the ark to be.
They are in a below ground tomb area that is filled with thousands of snakes. Indiana seems to have met his doom by being trapped in this tomb when the concrete cover is put back on top of the entrance traps he and Marion inside with the snakes. The rope Indy used to lower himself has been removed and the entrance seems to be over 50 feet high. With the fire from their stakes dwindling they are having a hard time keeping the snakes away. Indy notices that more snakes are entering their area from a wall that has drawings carved into t. They are entering through the eyes of the carvings.
Indy believes that their must be something that is allowing more and more snakes to enter on the other side. He then devises a plan which has him tip over a giant statue that is in the tomb to crush escape from their demise. This scene to is one example of the reoccurring action throughout the entire film. Indiana seems to always find himself in sticky situations and it does not look promising for him to prevail. Somehow though, Indy always uses his tools or what’s around him to escape any situation, even those that seem like their s no way to prevail.
This is what make the movie interesting because you are rooting for Indy and hate to see him not prevail, and then somehow he does which in turn allows him to continue on his quest of securing the Ark. Pearl Harbor This scene begins at the hula lounge where men and women stationed at Pearl Harbor occasionally attend to catch a drink with their buddies. This time is different thought because Raff is now in attendance. Everyone within the Reef’s unit, including his best friend Danny, believed him to be dead after he volunteered for an overseas mission and his plane was shot down.
No word on Reef’s status or his whereabouts were given for over 3 months. During this time while Danny was attempting to console Evelyn, Reef’s girlfriend (or ex- girlfriend since he was believed to be dead), but during this time they both began to fall in love with each other. The situation has now became extremely complicated due to the fact that Raff is now ‘back from the dead” and is having to deal with Danny and Evelyn relationship. Words are exchanged and the two break out into a fight that causes a large brawl at the lounge. The Amp’s show up and the two set aside their difference and Danny pulls
Raff away from the crowd so they both can get to safety. This is a small portion of a longer and more major scene but this small portion acts as an indicator for me throughout the entire film. The attack came as a surprise to everyone. A lot of casualties were witnessed. But the reason more casualties were not suffered because individuals were able to put issues aside and come together for a greater purpose. So many different people came together to aid the injured, to help the war effort by firing weapons first hand or flying planes to subdue the attack that could’ve gotten worse than it already was.

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