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I found this week interesting in the topic given since I have many thoughts as to where terrorist tactics are heading.  First, i’m going to cover how the use of the internet played a key role and how it has evolved over time.  The power of the internet is integral part of individual terrorism in that it serves as a mobilization tool (Michael, 2012).  What does this mean?  This means that terrorists utilize the internet to spread their beliefs, to recruit, and to fund terrorist operations from anywhere in the world.  This mobile tool (a.k.a. internet) means contact from across the globe to others makes it easier, and additionally, overall less costly for terrorist groups.  Instead of recruiting locally, terrorist groups can recruit via the internet from across the globe.  Besides recruiting, terrorists are preaching to others their beliefs.  Individuals across the world not associated with any specific group of religion have devoted themselves to certain terrorist organizations.  Again, the use of the internet has made this possible.  Lastly, spending less for recruitment and encouraging others to follow their religious beliefs means terrorist groups have more money for additional terrorist operation funding.  Meaning, terrorists can use more of their funding for surveillance, planning, weapons, and funding other terrorist groups.
I believe terrorist tactics are heading down a more advanced technological path.  We have seen the use of cars, boats, and airplanes as a means of carrying devices of terror.  Now devices have moved to the use of drones.  Drones are utilized to carry explosives to targeted individuals.  The use of drones make them hard to detect and the probability and successfulness of the attack are great, therefore there has been an increase in terrorists utilizing drones.  Imagine not just one drone, but a swarm of drones carrying explosives to a target.  The amount of damage caused by multiple drones would be devastating.  Thinking more out of the box, how about a drone carrying a small portable nuclear device.  I could not imagine this happening, but I will not say this is impossible.  As we advance in technology and our methods of delivery, I can see only think these plans are in the works.  
Michael, G. (2012). Leaderless Resistance: The New Face of Terrorism. Defence Studies, 12(2), 257–282.

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