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My sMs tReAsuRe Acknowledgement This book is a combined efforts of a lot of people & also things. First & foremost I would like to thank my dearest parents, & then my friends (because all the sMs here are forwarded by them only, so I think they should be thanked first ! ) & then there are some of my relatives too who have sent me messages & then if I continue I would certainly won’t have enough money to publish rest of my book. Also secondly I would thank my whole skeleton that includes all my body parts (especially my hands) who co-operated me a lot while doing these activities.Lastly there is someone or rather something which is the most important i. e. my laptop & cellphone without which I wouldn’t even have dreamed of issuing such a book.
Information I need to tell that those sMs here are obviously not composed by those whose name is written under it, but those are the ones who have sent me these messages & hence I have written their names below it. The so-called title of “author” is not suitable to this book for me as I myself have not composed these messages so I would love it if I m rather being called a Typist.Well, the Typist is studying in High School & is a great fan of sMs (hope this much information about typist is enough for formality! ). Now I would ask u to leave these boring jobs & get refreshed with some mixed sMs as this book is not about any specific type of sMs. Please check out this book & to send me your thoughts, just close your eyes & smile once with full of happiness, your thoughts will reach me no matter wherever you are. Dedicated to the someone special whom my heart belongs, that is YOU * (at the bottom)* Hey that’s totally a mere joke if u belong to the MALE religion ! page 3 end) Everyone is going to hurt u sooner or later … U just have to realize what is worth …
The person or the pain . – Shilpa Vahini Friends ! Who are they ? The one who holds u r hand in a crowd, which is against u & says “tu tension mat le yaar apan sab sambhal lenge…” The one who taps u r back when u r wrong & says “I Know it aise gaphle bas tu hi kar sakta hain! ” The one who does everything for u but then refuses to take thanks . ”abe ye formality ka natak mat kar…” The one who msgs u saying “abe reply toh kar” The one who makes u smile & stops u r tears & starts crying him/her –self “Ankh main bhi abhi hi kachra girna tha aur tu band kar apna ye radio” Send this to all u r friends, even to those who are not in touch or who are far away from u …-Deepika U hv 20 mins to tell u r friends that u love them otherwise this month will be u r worst mont , so “I LOVE U Friendsss” Tyms running send it fast …& reply me also if I am…. -Deepika Ek bacha door bell bajane ki koshish kar raha tha . Ek buzurg admi ne dekha, to jakar bell baajayi aur bola – Aur kuch beta ?Bacha – Aur kya ab bhag ! -Priyanka Nice Lines “Even the most powerful person is weaker in front of the most Happiest person in the world ” …

So be happy Foreevvveerrr… –Shilpa Vahini Awesome msg – “Start working to fulfill u your dreams , or else sum day sum1 will put u in work to fulfill their dream! ” – Deepika Success formiula to learn from water : Adjust u rself in every situation &in any shape & most importantly always find out u r own way . Deepika Amazing but true : “There may be more than 8. 5 billion people in this world … but , sumtimes u just need ONE :D” -Deepika A true fact : If everyone is happy with u , then surely u have made a lot of compromises in u r life…!!! -Deepika Life can be happier & stressless if we remember just one simple thought : “We cant have all that we desire , but God will give us all that we deserve.
” –Deepika Few true line of lyf …; Ur fav song will say more abt u , than u r mouth ever will… & d day u learn hw not to cry is d day u learn to hate & ignore… & u no u had fun when u cant tell u parents what u did…. & a friend is sum 1 u tell u r stories to .. abest friend is sum1 who is in all those stories !!! – Deepika Talk more with sum1 who makes u happy … but, try to talk at least a few minutes with sum1 who cant be happy without u & feel the difference … -Yash S. A mind can forget many things but true heart never forgets anything .So try to forget sum hearts which will never forget u for rest of its life….
–Yash S. Straight Insult- Husband : ye kaisa khana banaya hain tumne bilkul gobar jaisa . Wife : he bhagwan !! Is admi ne to har chiz chakh rakhi hain !!!! -Ninad Ek kaam kar yaar
. . . tu na ??????????? Is msg ko delete kar de isme kuch nahi hain … -Priyanka Thought for the day: “Never underestimate anyone” An ant might be small but it can bite u r bum can u bite its bum ?? just imagine -Priyanka Do u know which is d best part of life ? When u r family understands like u r friend & u r friends understand u like a family ! – Shilpa Vahini I want to live ling life ! Not in d world ! Just in u r heart as a bst friend … -Sushmit Alset RAat ko chupke se ati hain pari, Kuch khushiyon ke sapne lati hain pari , kehti hain sapne kea gosh main kho jaon , bhul ke saare gum chup chap so jao .. Sushmit Alset Dil todne walo ko saza kyun nahi har kisi ko pyar ki dua kyun nahi ? Log kehte hain ishq to ek bimari hain phir medical store main uski dawa kyun nahi ???? –Sushmit Alset DOOB maro nikammo ( – _ – ) ( – _ – ) / I I / )( / )( Shoab ne saniya jaisi ko phasa liya aur tumse abhi tak mohalle walli nahi pati ….
. – Sushmit Alset Aaj newspaper main padha ki dosto k isms karne se dil ki bimari ho sakti hain to aaj se band …kya sms ? . . .
. are nahi newspaper band.. DOSTI ZINDABAD. –Maitrayee Thirsty crow story in hinglish.. nce upon kagla, sitting on a dagla, he was very pyasa, here n there bhatka then saw a matka sum stones patka little water gatka n satka .
–Maitrayee Kahte hain achcha dost maths ke zero jaisa hota hain jiski waise toh koi kimat nahi hoti par who jiske sath jud jaye uski kimat 10 guna badh jati hain . –Maitrayee 10 mins talk with an intelligent person is equal to read general knowledge books for whole day, so don’t hesitate 2 talk to a genius person. –Maitrayee 3 things dat should not be asked

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A mans Wage
A womans Age
A students percentage . It hurts .

–Yash S.Student – Give me sum extra time Give me sum brain give me another chance to write my paper once again . Examineer – nanananananananan. –Maitrayee New films released in theatres after xams .

Tension aaj kal
Pack up sid
Wanted 40
Ajab syllabus ka ghazab paper
Marks mile
Three failures

-Maitrayee Anytime any prob any help just give me only missed call . I will immediately . . .
. . . “give u another miss call. ” -Maitrayee Hum Indians – barish mili toh bhigna shuru, aarat mili toh nachna shuru aur sms mila reply chodkar . . . forward karna shuru.
– Maitrayee 3 days, 74 hours, 4320 minutes 25920 seconds pehle apko Happy Friendship Day in advance. –Shilpa Vahini Santa 1st time plane main baitha jaise hi plane agla tyre upar utha santa pilot ko marne laga aur bola “sale main pehle hi dara hua huin aur tum stunt mar raha hain !! ” – Maitrayee A 5yr boy asked his friend what is friendship? He replied friendship is when u rob my chocolates everyday from my bag I still keep it in same place. Sushmit Alset 1 night I woke from my dream n saw my books were singing guess ??? which song ??? . . . “zara zara touch me touch me touch me zara zara hold me hold me” -Maitrayee If u get my sms I m good , if u save my sms u agree I m good if u forward my sms u r spreading I m good , if u delete my sms u r jealous bcoz I m too good.
–Maitrayee Identification of student

Books in bag – bihar
Books in hand – delhi
Rolled books in jeans – Mumbai
No books no tension bt mobile in hands – Nagpur we rock. –Sushmit AlsetHum jabhi apki duniya se jayenge itni khushiyon aur pyar de jayenge ki jabhi yaad karoge is pagal ko hasti akhon se bhi asuun nikal ayenge . –Sushmit Bell has no sound till sum1 rings it.

Songs has no tune until sum1 sings it so never hide u r feelings bcoz it has no value till sum1 feels it . – Shilpa Vahini Attitude rocks : maa bete se : uth jaan kambakht dekh suraj kab ka nikal aya hain beta : to kya hua amma who sota bhi toh mujhse pehle hain na ! -Sushmit During a war enemy soldier captures some women n says I want revenge , I will rape all of u . Young lady – plzz leave r grandma Grandma – . . Shut up ! War is war !!!! –Sushmit What is gaali ? krodh ke samay much se nikle ashudh shabd athwa shabdon ka samuha jinke ucharan ke paschat wyakti ka hriday ko shanti ka anubhav hota hain . –Sushmit On a ship a CA,Enginner, Doctor were sailing . Suddenly devil appeared n said drop anything of u r choice n if I find it I will eat u n if I wont I will be u r servant .
CA dropped a pen, devil found it n ate him. Doctor dropped needle devil found that also n ate him. Engg opened a water bottle n poured sum water…!! -SushmitSon: Ma kya gandhiji mar gaye Mom :ha beta Son : Nehru Mom: wo bSon : desh me achche log nahi hain kya? Mom : aisa mat bol beta “whomsoever” zinda hain …. –Sushmit I said “I m the sweetest person in the world ” GOD laughed 7 said wait u have not met the person reading this sms . . . .
Moral : Even GOD can crack jokes ! –Sushmit Kisi ka hath thamkar chodna nahi wada kisise karke todna nahi koi agar tod de dil aapka toh bina hath pair tode chodna nahi . –Sushmit Zindagi sukh dukh ki paheli hain sukh main toh sabhi pyar karte hain par jo dukh main pyar kare wahi sachcha pyar won a mile toh rona mat aur mile toh khona mat . –Sushmit My eyes- miss u , my feelings – luv u , ands- need u , mind – call u , heart- just for u I love u I really u ??? . . . .
. . . Aisa boli Juliet Romeo ko . –Sushmit Shayri – tere pyar ke saye main mujhe aisa pyasa banaya wah wah tere pyar ke sayein ne mujhe aisa pyasa banaya tu ek minute ruk, main paani pike aya. –Sushmit Once I was in love n she broke my heart in to several pieces, . .
. . . . . now I m loving different girls with different pieces !!!! -Sushmit Hey sms go slowly if friend is in sleep just return back to me … therwise u go without making noise near her ears n slowly say good night !!! -Sushmit Lobz na nikle phirbhi awaz hoti hain kuch lamhe ki baat bahut khaas hoti hain ap chahe mane ya na mane, lekin apki yaad hamesha dil ke pass hoti hain . –Sushmit Agar koi dost nahi toh life is jail .
Agar bure dost ho to nothing is well . Agar dost apke jaisa ho toh all izz well . -Sushmit Good morning life has no pause button. Dreams have no expiry date . dates has no holidays . so enjoy each n every day in happy way n keep smiling. Sushmit Sum idiot says “Behind every successful man, der is a woman”, but nobody knows the fact – “women choose only successful men” -Sushmit Customer – kaka dettol saban ahe ? Dukandar (dhungan khajwat) ho ahe na Customer – tar kutrya tyani hath dhun ani ek kilo sakhar de.
-Sushmit Pagal khane main sare pagal dance kar rahe the par 2 pagal ekdum khamosh baithe the , doctor ne socha ki who thik ho gaye he, So doc asked y r u not dancing? de replied – hum dulha dulhan hain ….. ( e ‘’ : ( ( e ( ) ‘’ : ( ( ) ( ) ——– ‘’ : ( () ——–Mobile ko right hand side se dekhiye hum apko kitna miss kar rahe hain . –Sushmit Sweetest kiss – on head Loveliest kiss – on cheek Most romantic kiss – on lips & the hottest kiss ???? . . . .
On bike’s silencer !!! Just try it … Darr ke age jeet hain ! -Sushmit Boyfriend & girlfriend r like 2 tyres of a vehicle, even if 1 punctures, The vehicle cant move further, So be intelligent & always keep a . . . . STEPNE !!! -Sushmit [email protected]@ , , @@. @ Frnds @ @ Day @ @ @ @ Pass this “HEART” to all u r friends including me .
If 3 come back u ‘ll get a big surprise on Friendship Day …! -SushmitNEW ADD OF FAIR & LOVELY…. Maa – Kamini, kaha thi itni raat tak ? Beti – Boyfriend ke saath … Maa – kar ayi na mu kala ? Beti – Toh kya hua maa, FAIR & LOVELY hain na….! –Ninad Ek pyara sa sawal : Agar apko naya janam milo to aap mujhe kis rishte main pana chahoge ? Apka janam is janam ke rishte ko chodkar hona chahiye …. Plzz reply .. Waiting eagerly for u r reply … -Sushmit Ek sher arj kiya hain – “Chand par hain light, Bole to honewali hi night, To band karne ka tubelight, aur so jaane ka keeping quite. Bole to GOOD NIGHT” -Sushmit HI How r u ? I WISH U %——-Happy——–% %’’’’’Friendship’’’’’’’% ””””””Day”””””””% Dekhi meri yaari kitne pehle baazi mari ….
. Miss u … -Sushmit A for Apple B for Bada Apple C for Chota Apple D for Doosra Apple E for Ek Apple F for Faltu Apple . . . . . .
. Z for Zopa Ata .. Sampla ….!! -Sushmit Je jodel ten ate, ji julete ti savay, ji asate ti odh, je wadhate te prem, jo sampto to sahwas, ani ji nirantar rahte ti maitre. Happy Friendship Day in advance. -Sushmit If u get a chance to gift me sumthing from the things which u hv then what will u gift me n y ? reply fast….
I m eagerly waiting!! -Sushmit Lamha lamha waqt guzar jayega, bas ek din baad , Friendship day a jayenga,Abhi se hamari wishes le lo nahi toh network busy ho jayenga.. HAPPY FRIENDSHIP DAY . –Sushmit Ye 5 naam 7 logo ko bhejo aur believe me apki sabse badi prob hal ho jayengi – JAY SHRI RAM JAY SHRIKRISHNA JAY MATA DI JAY MAHA KALI JAY PAVANSUT HANUMAN Don’t delete it Azma ke dekh lo… -Sushmit Thank u for touching my life in ways u never know. My riches don’t lie in material wealth but in having friend like u as precious gift . So, HAPPY FRIENDSHIP DAY. –Kartik In life friendship is never planned, nor does it happen for any reason… But when friendship is real It becomes a plan for u r life & a reason for living .
Happy Friendship Day . Shilpa Vahini Life is so much unfair! First gives us so much time to live together & to know each other & now ehen we know each other, we don’t have enough time to be together. Miss all those days. -Kartik Isse pehle ki 1 August ki sham ho jaye, badhai ka silsila aam ho jaye, mobile ka junction jam ho jaye, kyun na friendship ka abhi se salaam ho jaye, HAPPY FRIENDSHIP DAY. -Abhishek 1day Monday went 2 Tuesday 2 see Wednesday & asked Thursday whether Friday has told Saturday that Sunday is HAPPY FRIENDSHIP DAY. -Priyanka Friendship doesn’t occur with special people, but people become special after being friends.I don’t know what I am to you, but u r always special to me.
HAPPY FRIENDSHIP DAY. -Sushmit We met it was luck! We talked it was chance! We became friends it was destiny! We are still friends it is faith! We will always be friends it is a promise! HAPPY FRIENDSHIP DAY. -Maitrayee A friend scolds like a dad, cares like a mom, teases like a sister, irritates like a brother. Friendship is a blend of all the relations, preserve it! HAPPY FRIENDSHIP DAY. -Sushmit Hey! Today I would like to thank you for being my friend till date, & hope you to be there till my life ends. I love you my friend. HAPPY FRIENDSHIP DAY.
-JyotiLife is a blank page. Each friend holds a pen & writes own story in everyone’s life. Thanks for covering some dreadful pages of my life. -Sushmit You can win life by all means if you simply avoid two things – “COMPARING” & “EXPECTATION” -Sushmit God ne pucha – Kidhar jaane ka mangta ? Swarg ya narak? Apun bola NARAK! Apun ko malum that um sala punter dost log udharich milega, bole toh jidhar tum wahich apna swarg. -Yash S. Friendship is a lifelong commitment spoken by the heart, n u have to accept it kyun ki – “ek baar jo maine commitment kar diya to phir main apne aap ki bhi nahi sunta” -Deepika Thought for the day – I will always choose a lazy person to do a difficult job- because definitely he will find an easy way to do it ” aisa Bill gates bola . So be PROUD to be LAZY.
-Shilpa Vahini This cat is cat good cat way cat to cat keep cat an cat idiot cat busy cat for cat 20 cat seconds cat. Now read this without cat . -Yash S. Two best secrets to keep relationships strong –

Whenever you are wrong always admit it.
Whenever you are right just keep quite.

-Deepika Always ask God to give you what you deserve & not what you desire, it is because your desires may be a few but you deserve a lot more! -Deepika Sometimes something happens to us :We know that they are fine but we call and ask “abe kaisa hain ? ” We know that we cant be forgotten but we still say “bhul gaya na mujko ? ” We know that they cant go without us but we still say “Mere liye rukna. ” We know that they cant finish all the stuff without us ,”Mere liye bhi bachana. ” We know its impossible to survive without them but we still say “kabhi baat mat karna mujhse” Thanks for being my friend for so long. -Deepika Friends are amazing when they are new. They are wonderful when they are true. But, They are a blessing when they are like u! -Shilpa Vahini Friendship is a gift that is fair in all things.It roots from one’s heart and involves memories that stay not for a while but for a lifetime.
-Shilpa Vahini Hello! Good (whatever the time! ) H – How are you? E – Everything fine? L – Like to see you! L – Love to hear about you! O – Obviously, miss u! -Deepika English mom – Gud night, son. Hindu mom – Shubh ratri beta. Muslim mom – Shaba khair. Aani apli aai – Are aag lav tya mobile la ani zop ata! Apli aai rocks! -Aniket New additions to Newton’s laws of motion : Loose motion can never ever be done in slow motion! -Aniket A Marathi student in a village was asked to read the following English numbers : 70,280,82,89,99 He read -Shewanti tu yeti ? yeti tu ? yeti nai ? nai tar nai! -Maitrayee “Smile increases value of face. ” “Anger spoils beauty of soul. ” “A faith is force of life” “Confidence is companion of success. ” KEEP SMILING! -Shilpa Vahini Nothing is old, nothing is new, Its just a matter of point of view, Enjoy life as happy days are few, Because if life is an ocean then happy moments are few! -Shilpa Vahini Innocence with Attitude – I may not always love the guys who love me, sorry, but I surely do respect their choice.
-Sushmit Apne dosti ka wo dag , jisse hum TIDE se nahi sho nahi sakte, RIN se saf nahi kar sakte, SURF se mita nahi sakte, yunki , kuch DAG ACCHE HOTE HAIN. -Abhishek Murga – I love u Murgi – hahah Murga – Main ter liye kuch bhi kar sakta huin Murgi – really ? Murga – yes, sachchi. Murgi – chal anda deke dikha! -Abhishek Makaan malik – 500 rupees kiraya hoga. Kiraydar – thik hain, par apke makaan main chuhe nack rahe hain. Makaan malik – to kya 500 rupay main yaha shakira nachegi. -Abhishek G o o o o o o o o o o o o o Ol Gappe kitne tasty hote hain na! Apko kya laga gud night! -Abhishek Ye dosti chiraag hain isse jalay rakhna, ye dosti gul hain ise khilai rakhna, hum rahe na rahe is jahaan main bas hamari yaad dil main badaay rakhna. -AbhishekAnyday if u r depressed confused or hurt, don’t worry.
Go in front of the mirror & u will find the best person who will solve your problem. Trust yourself. -Sushmit Chuhe ko billi lagi gori, done milne lage chori chori chuha bola – o gori a khele aak mincholy . . . . Billi chuhe ko maar ke khayi aur boli, I HATE LUV STORYS.
-Shilpa Vahini Best words “Always have a compromising nature in your life because as world is round everything that u will let go will definitely come back to you again ” -Sushmit Class VI boy proposed to class X girl . Boy – I luv u . Girl – Stupid, I m older than u.? Boy – I m madly in love with you Girl – Get lost! . . . Boy – Didi plzzzz!!!! -Sushmit Ek number man me socho usme 3 jodo ab use 2 so guna karo usmese 7 ghatao bachi huin sankhya ko kagaz par likho .
. ab uska . hawaiii jahaj banake udao. Furrr….. -Sushmit Santa – tu bata ki meri tokri main kya hain toh sab ande tere aur ye bata ki kitne hain toh 8 ke 8 tere aur agar ye bata de ki kiske hain toh murgi bhi teri. Banta – kuch hint to de.
-Sushmit Itna busy bhi na raha karo Kabhi kabhi yaad bhi kar liya karo Shero shayri na ati ho na sahi aye hue sms hi forward kiya karo. -Sushmit A true example of confidence : Place Eden Garden India vs Australia Brad Hogg took Sachin’s wicket . At the end of match hahaha….. -Sushmit Sweet is u r nature, Dear is u r name, U will always remain as earth wants water, Flower want dewI want nothing but happiness for U……!! -Sushmit Sabse pyare aap ho , Sabse smart ho, Sabse sweet ap ho, Sabse mast aap ho, . . .
. zyada uchlo mujhe aya tha apko “sirf dikhana tha” -Abhishek Hum wo roshni hain jo apke roshan kar jayenge, dosti ki chingari se bhi jal jayenge, ek baar pyaar se sms toh kijiye, Ghar ake sms ke paise de jayenge!!! -Sushmit In the company of wind dust achieves gr8 height but when mixed with water , it becomes mud So always choose the right company. Gud day. Sushmit Khud ko kar buland itna ki khud Himalaya ki choti par ja pahuche, phir khuda tumse puche “abe sale gadhe , ab utrega kaise ??? ” -Sushmit Believe it or not, but its true. Gandhiji went to Jim at the age of 24 . 1 of his friend said,”WOW , Mohan kya BODY hain”. Tab se bapu ne shirt pehenna hi chod diya!!!!! -Sushmit I may not always stay in touch, Bt I care for u very much.
I may not prove to be the perfect friend But I hope the relationship we share never ends…. -Sushmit *Beautiful $un* *Fre$h @ir* *$weet Bird$* *Bloom Flower$* *Knock u r door* /,”””” |[]____| *Just to $ay u * GOOD MORNING DEAR….. -Shilpa Vahini

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