Should Mobile Phones Be Allowed in Schools

Mobile phones are extremely helpful after school when you’re travelling home. Your parent/ guardian can contact you regarding family matters and also after school if you have to walk your parent can phone you to make sure you’re secure. Likewise Mobile phones also provide safety and protection in times of need. If for example you are in danger of some sort you can phone someone quickly and inconspicuously. In addition if the child goes missing the police can track the mobile and parents can check in on the Childs location.
Also mobiles can help if there is an emergency; your parents can phone you direct instead of phoning the office which would take longer. This would be more effective because your parent can tell you exactly what’s going on instead of having a message passed to you. If for example your Gran was ill in hospital your mum or dad etc. could phone or text you updates through out the day. Mobiles also brings families together –They don’t seem to have much time to spend together anymore due to overtime and after-school activities, having the ability to communicate with any one of your family member helps bringing families together.
Similarly if you forget something important like homework or your lunch you can contact your parent /guardian and they can drop it off. This would help when you have an important essay, for example, due but you forgot it at home. This would help make sure that all your homework is on time and would help teachers when they have to mark homework. Likewise if you are unwell in school, you can phone your parent to let them know. This would be helpful because your parent would be able to pick you up or can tell you what to do.

Moreover mobile phones could save money because they could be used as calculators and can be used to record/ write notes. This would save a lot of money on paper which would make the school more eco friendly and money could be used on other equipment instead of just calculators which can be found on all phones, although teachers would have to supervise and trust pupils not to stray from the task. Another benefit would be that pupils can record important dates in their phone to help with important deadlines and exams.
A final reason is that mobiles could be used for a wide range of educational purposes, including creating short movies, setting homework reminders, recording a teacher reading a poem and timing science experiments. Mobiles which can connect to the internet, also allowed pupils to access revision websites, log into the school email system, or transfer electronic files between school and home. Experts have claimed that using a mobile gains children’s confidence because the technology is familiar to them.

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Should Mobile Phones Be Allowed in Schools
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