Significance of Major Discoveries in Modern Biology

Significance of Major Discoveries in Modern BiologyThis assignment will focus on you describing a discovery, innovation, important finding and/or breakthrough in genetics, cell biology, and/or biotechnology. Some examples include endosymbiont theory, in vitro fertilization, GMOs, cloning, genetic engineering, PCR, genetic fingerprinting, gene therapy and DNA sequencing. You can use your text, the South University library, or the Internet to help you find something that interests you.Your paper should be approximately 2-3 pages and include the following:a description of our topic,the people behind the innovation,a consideration of the events, experiments, or ideas that lead to this discovery,how the innovation influences society, health, agriculture, wildlife, culture, and/or you personally,example(s) of applications from current news/magazine articles.

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Significance of Major Discoveries in Modern Biology
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