social marketing project

The focus of this project is to study how marketing campaigns can affect the larger marketing environment and strive to make an impact for the social good. Your main goal is to find an example of a social marketing campaign, using marketing principles “in action” to produce positive change. 
Thus, we would like each group to investigate and analyze a practical, real world application of social marketing. You will research a social marketing campaign created and conducted by a company, nonprofit organization or government agency to develop a written mini case study. Your case study should include the following: (1) background and statistics about the magnitude of the social problem or issue; (2) consumer or citizen group targeted by the campaign; (3) desired attitude or behavior change; (4) methods used in the campaign; and (5) results of the campaign. If applicable, you might also discuss suggestions for how the campaign could have been improved. A rubric will be available online on the group project section.
The written case application paper should be 4 – 6 pages (double-spaced, Times New Roman, 12pt font, 1 inch margins), plus an additional page for references. The paper portion of this project can be turned in on 11/21/18 but no later than that. Given the nature of this project, it is acceptable to have a mix of academic references, news articles, company or governmental websites, and popular press as references.
The video presentations should be planned for 4-5 minutes each, no more, and should be turned in no later than 11/14/18. We encourage you to make videos rather than PowerPoint presentations with voiceovers as video-clips are more interesting and engaging and will have a greater impact on other students. Remember that you will not be presenting anything on the last day, so your video should be something we just hit play and watch on Blackboard. You may divide the project responsibilities accordingly and it is not mandatory that everyone appears on the video; however, each team member must have a role to play. Please make this something fun and valuable by choosing a topic for which you have some connection or interest. One group member must email both of us ([email protected] and [email protected] ) the video by the project deadline. Late submissions will be subject to one letter grade deduction per day of being late. 
Groups will be assigned randomly and can be found on Canvas after the first week of class.  Students will have the opportunity to submit any complaints or concerns if they feel that the division of work was not equal amongst group members, so that if there are students who don’t do their part, they will not receive the same grade or in some cases a failing grade. The Social Marketing Application Project is worth 15% of your total grade (Paper – 60 points; video – 40 points).

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