Southern United States and White People

DBQ Essay Many African Americans gained freedom of slavery from 1775 to 1830 during the same period the institution of slavery was expanded. Slavery was expanded because of the profits from growing cotton and the industrialization the North had. Although there were free African Americans in America, they were still mocked. (Doc . I) The people during this time period were still ignorant and were not enlightened. David Walker was a free African American who proposed to white people since it was quite similar to the American Revolution. (Doc.
J) Walker showed the white people that African Americans deserved freedom. Some slaves did not want to wait for the white people to grant them there freedom, so therefore they took action to gain that freedom. (Doc. G) As the African American took action, Nat Turner started his own riot and killed about 50 people. This would be the reason why slaves should not be given freedom since they were violent. During the earlier time period, indentured servants were offered by the British with freedom in America if they joined the British. (Doc.
A) This was agreeable to the slaves because they were no longer helpless. However, slaves attempted to runaway because the price was high to gain freedom. The British lost the war and did not keep the promise for slaves. The slaves were seen as savages; they would be in danger in society but also to themselves if they were freed. (Doc. E) If slaves were freed, the white and African Americans would not be getting along because there are not planters. In Doc. C, the picture showed the difference between the percentages of the slaves from 1790 to 1830.

The North did have enough industry so they had to let go some of the slaves. The South gained a lot of slaves in order to keep their industry wealthy. In the south slaves were used on plantations to grow their cotton, tobacco, and sugar. There were many challenges that led both slaves and free African Americans to work hard to gain their freedom. They had some help with the North as well. Without the three groups, King Cotton, King Wheat, and King Corn, working together, slavery would have been continuing for the longest time.

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Southern United States and White People
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