Persuasive Speech:
Present a 7-9 minute persuasive speech on a controversial subject.  The speech must attempt to persuade the audience to change their mind, values, or behavior.
This should be of interest or benefit to the audience.
The professor may assign topics.  If not, you select the topic based on your interests and knowledge and your audience analysis. 
The speech should be focused on changing audience behavior.  In other words, this is a speech supporting the proposition of policy.  You need to explore a controversial issue by fully defining the problem and them proposing a solution to this problem (problem/solution) or motivated sequence format.
Follow guidelines from your text and class discussion
Speech Requirements:
The speech is 7-9 minutes in length and includes the prominent use of research (4 sources minimum).  Documentation must be attributed not only on your outline, but also in the speech itself. THE USE OF VISUAL AIDS IS REQUIRED.  The speech should have an introduction, body and conclusion all developed consistent with textual information and class discussion.  Time penalties will be enforced—one point will be deducted for every 10 seconds you are over/under your time. 
Must be approved by the instructor and reserved in compliance with a sign-up sheet.  There will be no more than one speech on each side of any issue.  Topics must be controversial.  But also reasonable and achievable.  For example, can you accomplish your purpose in 7 minutes?  If not, then the topic is not appropriate for a one-tine speech assignment (Hint: you cannot change people’s deeply held beliefs and values in one brief speech.  Think specific and you can really accomplish something).
Paperwork Requirements:
You will hand in your typed outline (which accounts for 15 points of the total 150 for the assignment) BEFORE you deliver your speech.  Outlines are not accepted late.

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