Spring exam

First Line Managers – supervise people who perform non-managerial duties Middle Managers – oversee the work of large departments or divisions Top Managers – guide the performance of the organization as a whole or of one of its major parts Governance – is the oversight of top management by a board of directors or a board of trustees Accountability – is the requirement so show performance results too supervisor The upside-Down Pyramid – view puts customers at the top of the organization by being served by workers who are supported by the managers below them Social Capital – Is the capacity to attract support and help from others In order to get things done. Emotional Intelligence – Is the ability to manage ourselves and our relationships effectively Conceptual Skill – Is the ability to think analytically and solve complex problems 1 . Self-Awareness ? understanding moods and emotions 2. Self-Regulation – thinking before acting; controlling disruptive impulses 3. Motivation – working hard and persevering 4. Empathy – understanding the emotions of others 5.
Social Skills – gaining rapport and building good relationships Global Sourcing – involves contracting for work that is performed in other countries Corporate Governance – is the oversight of a company’s management by a board of directors Glass Ceiling Effect – an invisible barrier limiting career advancement of women and minorities Intellectual Capital – is the collective brainpower or shared knowledge of a workforce (Competency x Commitment = Intellectual Capital) Self-Management – is the ability to understand oneself, exercise initiative, accept responsibility and learn from experience ME – Chi. Critical Thinking – the ability to perceive situations, gather and interpret relevant information, and make decisions Sustainable Competitive Advantage – is an ability to outperform rivals in ways that are difficult to imitate Corporate Strategy – sets long- term direction for the total enterprise Business Strategy – identifies how a division or strategic business unit will compete in its product or service domain Functional Strategy – guides activities within one specific area of operations Growth Through Concentration – means expansion within an existing business area Growth Through
Diversification – means expansion by entering related or new business areas Growth Through Vertical Integration – occurs by acquiring suppliers or distributors Retrenchment Strategy – changes operations to correct weaknesses Liquation – occurs when a business sells Its assets to pay creditors Restructuring – reduces the scale or mix of operations Divestiture – Involves selling off parts of the organization to refocus attention on core business areas Strategic Alliance – organizations Join together In partnership to pursue an area of mutual interest Co-petition – is the strategy of working with rivals n projects of mutual benefit business Strategy -strategically uses the internet to gain competitive advantage Scrounging – is strategic use of the internet to engage customers and potential customers in providing opinions and suggestions on implementing strategies Differentiation Strategy – offers products that are unique and different from those of the competition Cost Leadership Strategy – seeks to operate with lower costs than competitors Focused Differentiation Strategy – offers a unique product to a special market segment Focused Cost Leadership Strategy – seeks the lowest costs of operations within a special market segment Strategic Leadership – inspires people to implement organizational strategies Strategic Control – makes sure strategies are scrapped or changed ME – Chi. 9 Colonization – is the process through which new members learn the culture of an organization Observable Culture – is what you see and hear when walking around an organization Core Culture – is found in the underlying values of the organization Symbolic Leader – uses language and symbols and actions to establish and maintain a desired organizational culture.

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