Stalin Movie review

Is a biography/ drama HBO film. The movie Stalin Is about the life of Stalin from the time Lenin became ruler to when Stalin died. It shows the life and career of the leader of the Soviet union, Joseph Stalin. Stalin is portrayed as a man who craved power and thrived for the goal in turning the nation of The USSR into a communist government. Stalin was also a horrible person and led the murder of millions of Russian people. This movie was very Informational in my opinion.
If you want to briefly understand the life of Stalin, than this movie Is best movie to watch. It Is one of the best movies to watch on Stalin because there aren’t as many good biography movies out there compared to this film. It doesnt show every aspect on Stalin’s life but it briefly shows the main ones. The actor Robert Duvall, who plays Joseph Stalin, made the film seem like someone was actually filming Stalin at the time. Basically he made it more realistic to viewers. He made you feel bad for, and understand Stalin.
Stalin is as a bad guy and Duvall pulled it off through his honorable acting. Stalin was actually a good movie. Originally I thought that this movie was going to be terrible based on the fact that It was a biography, but it’s actually entertaining on how millions of people let this man have this much power. They shouldVe detected signs such as many people were dying strange deaths and the firing and hiring of so many people. This wouldVe raised many suspicions to me. In the end you should watch the movie.

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Stalin Movie review
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