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Now 20 years later I discovered a new life form on this planet. This news could be either scary or remarkable for some. Planet Neo is 200 miles away from earth and 300 miles away further from the sun than the earth. Neo evolved over the past twenty years and conditions became much more favorable to support life. A water system underground was discovered and it is here in this underground system life has been discovered. The condition beneath the surface of Planet Neo proved very favorable for life subjected to some harsh climate change.
The underground water system has similar conditions to a hydrothermal vent on earth. The discovery of hydrothermal vents on earth has presented us with a possible explanation for the origin of life. On Planet Neo the conditions were the new life form was found was similar to the hydrothermal vent conditions on earth. The life form that was discovered was called Octillion looks somewhat like a squid. Octopus has a very hard diverse outer skeleton on its entire body. It has eight fat tentacles also layered with this skeleton.
This creature has all the characteristics of living things. The seven characteristics of living things are: 1 . Movement 2. Reproduction 3. Sensitivity 4. Nutrition 5. Excretion 6. Respiration 7. Growth Octillion has each of the above characteristics that I will further explain in depth Movement- Octillion was recognized by its movement in the underground water system. Scientists created a camera that was able to withstand harsh temperatures, pressures and atmospheric changes; this camera was able to enter the underground water system, the scientists controls were the camera goes.

I remember the first time he saw Octillion it was between two Jagged rocks, remembered vividly the camera scaring the creature from video footage and Octillion stimulus was to swim away very quickly and spew out purple slime from pores, on its back. Sensitivity – Octopus has very hard outer Skeleton that Is completely resistance to heat, there are little pore openings In Its back that open and close allowing It to moderate Its environment.
This purple slime is not dangerous, sample shows it is a mixture of the same chemical found in a moss like looking substance on the wall of the rocks and seafloor which I called it purple because it is purple in color. Nutrition – Octillion as I said before spew out a purple slime whose chemical components is similar to that of a moss looking substance found on the stones and seafloor called purple. It as concluded that Octillion feeds on the purple from video footage again that gives it nutrition which causes it to respire allowing it to survive in the harsh underground water system.
Excretion – the form in which Octillion got rid of waste was; it settles in a corner goes into the hard skeleton structure and little bubbles fill with a transparent liquid comes out the pores, I believe that Octillion excretes build up food from purple and it is transparent because it uses the chemicals from the purple to spew the colorful purple slime for stimulus and it then excrete the cytoplasm looking bubble. Reproduction – the bubbles that are seen during the excretion process accounts for reproduction.
It is this cytoplasm looking bubbles that carry a form of DNA from the Octillion allowing it to reproduce. All these data can be accounted for because test and experiments where perform and from these experiments it was concluded that the bubbles is somewhat of a single cell organism, but not all survive due to the harsh conditions. Reproduction process will be able to occur under the same Temperature and pressure in which Octillion was born and discovered. Respiration – obviously in order for Octillion to stay alive it respires, cause it feed on the purple.
Growth – I have been tracking Octillion for the past six months and it has grown approximately twelve centimeters longer from the first time it was discovered. So this is evidences that Octillion grows. On Earth these seven characteristics is use to tell if something is alive. Octillion exhibits all characteristics which is so amazing. Charles Darwin if alive today would have been so involved in these findings. Charles Darwin, the British naturalist, came up with the theory of evolution in 1859; he changed our idea of how life on earth developed.
Darwin argued that all organisms evolve, or change, very slowly over time. These changes are adaptations that allow a species to survive in its environment. These adaptations happen by chance. If a species doesn’t adapt, it may become extinct. He called this process natural selection but it is often called the survival of the fittest. It can be seen that Octillion has adapted to the conditions on Planet Neo, and with that adaptation there is room for evolution. If Octillion could survive on the harsh conditions of Planet Neo, who are we to say that there isn’t any other forms of life on lane Neo.
I am on the quest to discover more living entities on Planet Neo thanks to the advances of technology in today’s world. The fabric of the universe is waiting on scientist like me to extract the underlying knowledge. This discovery has made history in the life of humans; Just imagine life forms on other planets! This gives rise to a lot of speculation be it conflict or amazement. Some people are accepting of this discovery, stating this means that there are more avenues to explore the great beyond, others on the other hand are fearful of this discovery.

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Stop and Press
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